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Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are six countries you may have heard of in the news, but how much do you really know about them? From their ancient histories, they have developed their own unique food, music, literature, and culture. Start learning about these countries now by exploring the our eMedia collection.


Iran (Persia, as it was once called) is a country with a long history. From Enki and EBSCO, read about some of the attractions within its main cities, such as Isfahan, Mashhad, and Shiraz.

Changing World IranExploring Countries IranIran the Land


In episode two of Departures, you can view the many sights that found in Libya, which are unknown to many. You may also read eBooks from Enki and Total BooX about the country's rich history or study the country's capitol and largest city, Tripoli.

The Evolution of Africa's Major Nations LibyaPetroleum Geology of LibyaDepartures Season 2


Listen to the Somali language spoken from the international phenomenon, K'naan, by using Hoopla. Born into a war zone and no stranger to loss, this poet was heard around the world when his song "Wavin' Flag" became the anthem for the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Although his childhood was fraught with violence, this humble poet shares songs of peace and understanding.

"How can they go to war with terror when it's war that's terrorizing?"—K'naan, Hoobaale from The Dusty Foot Philosopher

The Dusty Foot PhilosopherTroubadourCountry, God, or the Girl


Enki brings you some interesting information about the geography, history, and culture behind this ancient land. Travel back in time and experience the flavors of their food, as this first eBook has traditional recipes included in it. We encourage you to dig deeper by learning about the very special Saint Bakhita of Sudan, or learn about the relationship between Canada and Sudan by going to Total BooX.

The Evolution of Africa's Major Nations Sudan and Southern SudanSaint Bakhita of SudanCanada in Sudan


Syria has a numerous monuments still standing which are a testament to the country's long history. Check out this first book from EBSCO eBooks and view the marvels of its grand history. PBS brings us a documentary on the facts regarding this country's current situation. Available through Hoopla, you are now able to watch this entire eDocumentary from Award-winning filmmaker, Olly Lambert. While you are at it, explore more of the geography, history, and facts from the third eBook which comes from Enki.

The Monuments of SyriaSyria Behind the LinesSyria


Hoopla brings us an extraordinary eAudiobook which captures some of the realities facing those who live in Yemen. The author, a journalist, who takes a short-term assignment in the capitol of Yemen, gains a new perspective through her experiences. In particular, she learns to appreciate the strong Arab women who operate in the workplace there. You may explore the region by borrowing this second eBook from Enki. Finally, Henna House is a tale of the art of henna and it's impact on the Yemen heritage.

The Woman Who Fell From The SkyRegion in Transition Saudi Arabia and YemenHenna House

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