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Happy National Nothing Day!

Have you felt your energy plummet in the New Year? You may be experiencing celebration fatigue caused by the long winter holiday season. If so, today is the day you've been waiting for, because the 16th of January marks the annual National Nothing Day, the "un-event" dedicated to the celebration of ... nothing.

No holidays. No celebrations. No arbitrarily dedicated days.

We get 364 of those in 2018, so today we choose to celebrate nothing together. To help fill the time made free by the lack of things to celebrate, we've selected a few of our favorite eResources, eBooks, and eMedia for you to enjoy.

Ideas to pass the time

Exercise your #RightToLibrary with a dive into these eResources, which are great for both learning and passing time. Of course, they are available to you with minimal effort in keeping with the spirit of the day.

Cover image of the Digital Sanborn Maps electronic resource

Research your home or neighborhood

Digital Sanborn Maps provides electronic maps of cities and towns throughout California dating back to the late-1860s. Browse the maps to find historic landmarks, your childhood home, or use them to help solve that long-standing familial debate over which corner that library used to be on.

Cover image from the Opposing Viewpoints in Context electronic resource

Understand the other side

Opposing Viewpoints in Context offers insights on both sides of points of view towards topics ranging from unemployment and job creation to school dress codes and many, many more. Wondering what all this net neutrality talk is all about and how to feel about it? Find out with Opposing Viewpoints in Context!

Cover image from global road warrior electronic resource international landmarks with airplanes flying over a cartoon design.

Travel the world

You don't need an airline ticket or even a suitcase to travel the world, and besides, today you are doing nothing. Global Road Warrior provides detailed information on the food, climate, education system, and more for 170+ countries around the world. It's a 14-hour flight to Australia, but you can be there in seconds with Global Road Warrior!

Something for nothing

Not only does nothing get its own day, but it also has had a major influence on popular culture. In recognition of this special day, check out these nothing-themed items available to you for virtual checkout with your San Jose Public Library card on eBook and eMedia.

A sitcom about nothing

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld believed that a television show about the meaningless conversations and interactions between four friends could work. They were right, and now you can read all about it.

Cover image from Festivus by Nolan Collins with blue octopusCover image of Seinfeldia with outside of restaurant and word Seinfeldia.Cover of book Seinfeld Master 0f its domain book with blue, yellow and red blocks and title in centerCover of Pretty, Pretty Good book by John Levine with Larry David's face on cover.Cover of Seinfeld book with Jerry Seinfeld on the black cover and the word Seinfeld across the top in gold.

More about nothing

Hip hop artist Wale collaborated with Jerry Seinfeld himself on "The Album About Nothing." Check out Wale's creative wordplay as well as other music, movies, and more on Hoopla!

New to Hoopla? Signing up is free and easy with your San Jose Public Library card.

Cover of Wale's album The Album About Nothing with two sets of legs standing.Cover of Start with Nothing movie with man and woman embracing as four people look on.Cover from Jon Agee's book Nothing. Cartoon of man pushing cart loaded with stuff.Cover of Good for Nothing cowboy with shotgun and good for nothing across the topCover of movie Money for Nothing with man holding two bags of money

Nothing at your library

If you like what you've read or listened to, check the library's catalog for more of the same and plenty of other great items, and then drop in to a library branch to pick up your selections. Try exploring a new branch! They all have WiFi, computers and quiet places to learn or relax, and great programs for all ages as well.

Finally something to celebrate

We're always open! There are many awesome, free eResources and eBooks that you have access to 24/7 with your San Jose Public Library card, so if you just can't resist the urge, celebrate that by checking them out.

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The celebrations resume tomorrow, and parties are always more fun when you aren't the only one dancing.

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What wealth of information about nothing, on National Nothing Day! I appreciate the information about nothing. Great job Nick.

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