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Image of shelves filled with a variety of old fashioned radios.

"It's not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on." - Marilyn Monroe

Happy National Radio Day!

According to the National Federation of Community Broadcasters website, National Radio Day has been celebrated on August 20 since the 1990s. Growing up, radio was my constant companion. Like many teens of my generation, I spent hours waiting for my favorite songs to play, calling in requests for friends and love interests, crying beside the radio when those love interests showed no interest and keeping up with local news/events. Whether you are interested in the technical aspects of radio and broadcasting or want to listen to old radio shows, San José Public Library has a large variety of eResources to help you celebrate all things radio.

Tuning In

These non-fiction eResources are available to anyone with an interest in radio history, Ham radio operation, broadcasting and programming.

Book cover with image of a man in a radio station surrounded by radio equipment. Text reads Chasing Sound - Technology, Culture & the Art of Studio Recording from Edison to the LP by Susan Schmidt HorningBook cover with drawn image of a man speaking into a microphone. Text reads I Hid It Under the Sheets - Growing Up with Radio by Gerald EstenaziBook cover with image of a city that has been destroyed and people running in the street. Text reads Spooked! How a Radio Broadcast and The War of the Worlds Sparked the 1938 Invasion of America by Gail JarrowBook cover with image of microphones. Text reads Writing and Producing Radio Dramas by Esta de FossardBook cover with image of a hand holding a ham radio microphone. Text reads Ham Radio for dummies - by H. Ward SilverBook cover with image of a house with radio waves reaching from the sky to the house. Text reads Ham and Shortwave Radio for the Electronics Hobbyist by Stan GibiliscoMovie cover image with a winged creature reading across city building to touch an antique telephone receiver. Text reads Ken Burns: Empire of the Air - The Men Who Made Radio

Tuning Out

These fiction titles featuring radio in a primary role may provide an escape from your regularly scheduled programming.

Book cover of a European City with a blue filter. Text reads All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony DoerrBook cover with image of passengers boarding an ocean liner. Lightning strikes the ocean nearby. Text reads Thunderstruck by Erik LarsonBook cover with image of a young man wearing headphones turning knobs on a radio broadcast system. Text reads The Radio Detectives by A. Hyatt VerrillImage of a hood of a yellow care with a red heart emblem on it. Text reads NPR Driveway Moments - Love StoriesBook cover with image of a red haired girl wearing headphones speaking into a microphone. Text reads Emma Knows All by Laura Briggs and Sarah Burgess

Wait! Turn it Back to that Station!

Take a stroll down memory lane with these collections of radio programs from across the decades.

Audiobook cover with images of several actors. Text reads The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas - Volume 1Audiobook cover with image of an antique radio and several radio program logos. Text reads The Best of Comedy-O-Rama House Season Two Old Time Radio ParodiesAudiobook cover with image of director's chair in front of a curtain. Text reads Mutual Radio Theater - Star Studded Entertainment - DramaImage of a man looking at a skull on a dead tree with a full moon in the background. Text reads Inner Sanctum Mysteries - The Creaking Door - Mystery & Suspense Original Radio RecordingsImage of an audio book cover with various comedians speaking into microphones. Text reads The Old gold Comedy Theatre Hosted by Harold LloydAudiobook cover with an image of a compass and waterfall. Text reads Radio Tales for the Road, Volume I by Barbara Bernstein

And now, a word from our sponsor: Remember radio fans, any day can be National Radio Day when you access these eResources and many others with your SJPL Library Card. This is DanaLibrariana, signing off.

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