eSpotlight - Monsters and Creatures and Zombies, Oh My!

little girl walking through the forest with a large werewolf stalking her.

"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win."
Stephen King

Monster Season

Autumn is my favorite season for a number of reasons. I love the cooler weather and changing leaves, but I also really enjoy Halloween. It's the one time of the year I can easily indulge my love of books and movies about monsters. Starting October 1, I load up my reading list and movie queue with monster classics. While I do appreciate modern monster movie special effects, I have a special place in my heart for monsters created with stop motion animation and actors in 200-pound Godzilla suits destroying miniature city models. If the movie is in black and white, it gets bonus points from me. If the audio and video tracks are a bit out of sync, that's even better!

San José Public Library has a gargantuan variety of electronic resources available for those of us captivated by creatures.

Nightmarish Novels

If you are ready to establish or re-visit the foundations of classic monsters, don't be afraid to check out these eBook and eAudiobook selections.

Book cover with text "The Werewolf - Magical Creatures - A Weiser Book Collection" by Eugene Fields depicting a wolf snarling at a full moonBook cover with text "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irvin depicting an old, gnarled tree in a dark forestBook cover with text "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux depicting a red shattered mirrorBook cover with text "Complete Collection of H.P. Lovecraft" by H.P. Lovecraft depicting a dilapidated buildingBook cover with text "Frankenstein by Marh Shelley showing images of surgical instrumentsAudiobook cover with text "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson depicting a man scowling.Book cover with text "Dracula by Bram Stoker" depicting an ancient castle in a forest.

Monsters from the Movies

Expand your monster menu with this variety of eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMovies featuring beloved behemoths best known for their big screen performances.

Book cover image with text "Cult Horror Movies - Discover the 33 Best Scary, Suspenseful, Gory and Monstrous Cinema Classics" depicting a chain saw wielding monster.Movie cover image with text "Monster Madness - The Golden Age of the Horror Film" depicting a variety of classic movie monsters (Frankenstein, King Kong, etc.)Graphic Novel cover with text "Godzilla - Kingdom of Monsters - Volume 1" by Eric Powell, Tracy Marsh, Phil Hester depicting Godzilla amidst high rise buildings.Audiobook cover with text "Special Blackstone Collections Audiobook - King Kong - The Greatest Horror Story of all Time!" by Edgar Wallace and Merian C. Cooper. Novelization by Delos W. Lovelace. Read by Stefan Rudnicki - Unabridged. Image depicts giant ape roaring.

Trendy Terrors

As monsters continue to capture our imaginations, these eBooks can help you keep up with current creature culture.

book cover with text "The Creature from the Depths" depicting a green monster emerging from under groundBook cover with text "#1 Bestseller Stephen King It" depicting a sinister clown.Book cover with text "Zombies! Tales of the Walking Dead" edited by Stephen Jones depicting a Zombie reaching out at the reader

The Nightmare Isn't Over, Yet!

You can find even more terrifying titles when you browse our eResources pages.

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