eSpotlight - Hoopla for Kids


Hoopla has a new Children's Library designed just for kids. All of the content - eBooks, eAudiobooks, eComics, eMovies and eMusic - has been selected and brought together in one place to give kids and families a safe environment where young minds can explore and discover the world around them. Click on the Look Book above to start exploring.

hoopla for kids will become a happy place for everybody!

  • Kids will be happy because they can easily find, follow, and enjoy their favorite characters, stories, and songs
  • Moms and Dads will be happy because they can feel confident letting kids explore and discover on their own

It's easy to get started with Kids Mode. Simply visit the "settings" tab on your device and flip the toggle to put hoopla into Kids Mode.

Visit our Kids Reads page to explore more eBooks and eAudiobooks for kids.

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