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Curl up with some historical True Crime!

Warning:  True Crime isn't for everyone!  The crimes described in these books are frequently gory, often shocking, and sometimes creepy.  Does that sound like your cup of tea? Then read on!

Jack The Ripper: The Hottest of Cold Cases

RipperologyJack the RipperJack the Ripper's Secret Confession

The case of Jack the Ripper is one that captured the imagination of the reading public in 1888 and has never let go.  Though relatively tame by modern standards, for many the Ripper is the epitome of the serial killer.

Murder Most British

The Mile End MurderBrady and HindleyConan Doyal for the Defense

Crime, American-Style

Three Sisters in BlackA Death in the IslandsThe Devil in the White CityIf I Did It

The Cases We Just Can't Forget

D.B. Cooper Case Closed?The Borden MurdersLindbergh The CrimeThe boy in the box

The crimes that are hard to forget are often unsolved, or have controversial or unsatisfying solutions.  Two of the crimes in this section are still unsolved.  Two of them came to a legal conclusion, but that conclusion is in question - even today.

Around the world

LIttle Demon in the City of LightsGeisha Harlot Strangler StarMurder on the Rock

True Crime Classics

Helter SkelterIn Cold Blood

True Crime as literature owes a great deal to these two books -- must-reads for any True Crime fan!

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