eSpotlight - Hey OverDrive Users! Have you tried Libby?

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Libby is still the same OverDrive you love, just friendlier!

If you keep an eye on this blog, you might remember that we introduced OverDrive's new app (still in the beta testing stage) in January. Libby is available in addition to the regular app with which you may be familiar. Now that the app has been available for a while, I'd like to point out some of the features that I think are really cool.

Do you get tired of logging in every time you want to look at your account in the OverDrive app?

That's not a problem with Libby. Once you've entered your log in information, the app will stay logged in until you log out or remove the app. Libby's always ready for you!

Are you a member of more than one library? No problem!

If you have library cards from other libraries/library systems that have OverDrive, you can add all of them to Libby and switch between their catalogs with a click. All of your loans and holds are in one place, too -- no matter where they came from.

Would you like your eBooks/eAudiobooks to download immediately when they're checked out?

No problem. Just go to "Download Settings" and choose what you want to automatically download. You can choose to download everything, only materials under a certain file size, or only on wifi. You can also choose NEVER to automatically download. Do you read your eBooks on a Kindle? You can tell Libby to automatically give you the option to send to Kindle.

Tips & Secrets

Check out the menu item called "Tips & Secrets" to learn the newest and neatest things Libby can do. These are updated periodically as features are added, so check back now and then for more. Here are a couple of Tips & Secrets I learned today:

Screen shot of search in Libbydescription of eBook with eAudiobook link highlight

Once you borrow or place a hold on a title, it'll be easy to spot in catalog search results. The cover image will flip across to the right side (left image). How cool is that? If the library has a title as both an eBook and and eAudiobook, you'll find a handy link on its details page that will take you to the other format (right image). There will be no more hunting around for different formats!

Libby menu with feedback highlighted

Libby's Constantly Improving

Libby is updated often to introduce new or improved features. The best part is that YOU can have a hand in suggesting some of those improvements! Because it is still in Beta test, you can offer feedback to OverDrive as you use it. All you have to do is open the menu in Libby and choose "Feedback" to get help, ask a question, or give some feedback.

Try it Today!

The Libby app is free and easy to use. Give it a try and see if it improves your OverDrive experience! You can always go back to the old app, so what have you got to lose? Get the Libby app at the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

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I use OverDrive almost daily, but hadn't been aware of the new sounds useful to someone like me who uses multiple e-libraries! I wonder if Amazon will eventually make it available directly, since sideloading through Google Play isn't always easy. (There's an interesting article I just found on Teleread; I wasn't aware that OverDrive/Libby is a business interest of Kobo, which may explain that.)

We're very fond of Libby! We hope that a Kindle Fire version of the app will be available in future -- we'll keep you updated!

I can't wait to try out the libby app!

Actually, Libby is a huge step backward in terms of functionality with multiple libraries in California. At you could search all your libraries at one time. With Libby, you have to search 1 library at a time. With books that are popular, this adds a huge amount of work to find your book, or put your book on hold at the library where you can get it fastest. And, is no longer working properly as they want people to use Libby (i.e. all libraries you save seem to get cleared out each night requiring you to reload them daily). Hopefully Libby does indeed continue to upgrade its features.

Hello, Thanks very much for your comment. I'm very sorry that you're having issues with the OverDrive website. I would like to help if I can. The functionality of the website at is not intended to be eclipsed by Libby, and if it is not functioning properly, OverDrive should be alerted to that fact. I will test it and send in a support request to them today. Libby is an alternative to the OverDrive mobile app, which has its fans and its detractors. In fact, the OverDrive app never allowed users to search across libraries. The app itself is a frame around each library's website that require you to move to the website of the library in question. Libby does allow you to see all of the items you have on hold from all of your libraries in one place, which is an improvement over the app. I am sorry that you're finding the website experience to be less satisfactory than it once was. I do not believe that this is intentional neglect of the site, just a problem that needs to be fixed. I will do my best to see that the fix is made. If you would like to contact me so that I can let you know what OverDrive says about it, feel free to fill in the form here: It will generate an email that will come directly to me. Stacy R.J. Tomaszewski, Electronic Resources Librarian, San Jose Public Library

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