eSpotlight - Happy 80th Birthday, Batman!

Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman 

Some of the eBooks mentioned in this blog are not appropriate for kids. Parents, check the ratings next to the year of publication in the record at hoopla for guidance.

2019 marks 80 years of the Dark Knight!

Batman (with his alter ego Bruce Wayne) was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and was first "born" in Detective Comics #27 on March 30, 1939.  Since then, he has hardly ever been out of the public eye, appearing in comics and books, on tv, and in the movies.

At DC Comics, all of 2019 is the year of the Bat, but the comic company has announced September 21 to be Batman Day!  Prepare yourself by brushing up on (or getting acquainted with) Batman through the many comics, books, and more available to you through our digital collections!  Can't get enough Batman? Check out the official Batman 80 site and head to social media using DC's hashtags: #LongLiveTheBat #Batman80 #Detective1000

The Golden Age

The Golden Age of Batman Vol. 1The Golden Age of Batman Vol. 2Golden Age of Batman Vol. 3Batman: The Golden Age vol. 4Batman: The Golden Age vol. 5

Batman for Kids

The Science Behind Batman's ToolsBatman's MissionsBatman vs. the Joker

Novels For Teens

Batman: NightwalkerCatwoman: Soulstealer


100 Things Batman Fans should Know and Do before they dieBatman, Superman, and Philosophy : Badass or Boyscout?

Classic Storylines

These are just a few of the many iconic Batman storylines.

The Dark Knight ReturnsThe Killing JokeBatman: HushThe Long HalloweenBatman KnightfallBatman: No Man's Land

Oddballs, One-shots, and Mash-ups

These six comics bring Batman together with unlikely allies and villains in the form of Elder Gods, The Shadow, The Avengers (John Steed & Emma Peel, not Marvel!), Bugs Bunny and crew, Scooby Doo, and even the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.  Weird and wonderful, silly or serious, these stand-alones are quirky and entertaining.

The Doom that Cam to GothamBatman/Shadow: The murder GeniusesDC meets Looney TunesBatman '66 Meets John Steed and Emma PeelScooby-Doo! Team-upBatman: Noel

Build Your Batman Soundtrack!

Batman Soundtrack


One Last Thing...

Video Credit: DC Comics


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