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Marilyn : Her life in her own words

August 5th marked the 56th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death at the age of 36. Hers was a short and tumultuous life, and the intervening years have enshrouded her in layers of rumor, conspiracy, and myth.  Today let's celebrate the woman and the movie star through her pictures, words, and films.

Marilyn Monroe Cover to CoverThe MisfitsMarilyn Monroe

  • Marilyn Monroe: Cover to Cover
    This big book of pictures showcases all the magazine covers Ms. Monroe graced during her lifetime.  They span her entire career, from a British publication in 1946 to the last month of her life.
  • The Misfits was the last completed film for both Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. Written by Arthur Miller, the film centers around a recently divorced woman and her relationship with a pair of Nevada cowboys. 
  • Tribute: Marilyn Monroe: This sympathetic graphic novel tells the story of Monroe's life and legend.

Diamonds are a girls best friendMagic of MarilynMarilyn Monroe A very Special Collection

This little assortment of albums highlights songs, radio spots, and commercials from across Monroe's career.  All of the greats are here!

I love all of Marilyn Monroe's films, but my absolute favorite is How to Marry a Millionaire, starring Monroe, Lauren Bacall (another favorite), and Betty Grable.  Monroe plays a husband-hunting bombshell with a painful secret -- she needs glasses to see.  As a little girl who also needed glasses, I've always appreciated this scene:

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