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Submitted by Dana Lema on Tue, 02/02/2021 - 9:00 AM
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San José Public Library has some exciting changes and additions to our eResources.


Highlights Bingo offered on Axis 360 pairs Highlights eReaders with fun learning activities for kids ages 2-12. Choose one of the Highlights Bingo titles at the top of the Axis 360 page or choose "View All" to see all Highlights Bingo titles. Log into Axis 360 with you library card number and PIN and checkout a title. When you open your Highlights eReader title, click on the Highlights Bingo logo to the right of the cover page and you'll have access to themed kids' activities you can do at home. Highlights Bingo activity sheets are downloadable as PDFs.


RB Digital eMagazines - Starting today, February 2, 2020, RB Digital eMagazines can be found on Overdrive. Overdrive and RBdigital (Recorded Books' digital service) have partnered to streamline content delivery. Overdrive has taken over the digital portion of Recorded Books business. eAudiobooks from RB Digital were transferred to Overdrive in August of 2020. This is the second and final phase of the transfer.

Access to your RB Digital eMagazine history will end soon after the transfer takes place. At that time, your checkout history and hold information on RB Digital will end. We recommend you export your transaction history (your loan history), and take note of your holds by Sunday, February 7 so you can place holds on eMagazines in Overdrive. You can export your transaction history by logging into your RBdigital account in your favorite browser and clicking your Profile. Look for a small link at the bottom of the page, just above the grey "Save" and red "Cancel" buttons, giving you the option to "Export My Transaction History" and click on it. Your history will be exported as a .CSV file and can be found in the location your browser typically saves downloads. CSV files can be opened and displayed in most spreadsheet programs such as Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets. - On February 9, 2021, will be converted to LinkedIn Learning. After the changeover, patrons will have access to over 16,000 courses on a wide variety of topics. Patrons will not have access to either or LinkedIn Learning on February 9th and possibly February 10th while the transfer is taking place. Once the new site is available, patrons will be able to log in with their library card and PIN to access courses. If you use the same library card number and PIN as you did to log into, your history and progress will be available on LinkedIn Learning. For more information, please see the LinkedIn Learning FAQ page.

Safari eBooks - Safari eBooks are now provided through O'Reilly for Public Libraries. Sign in with your library card number and PIN and you will find eBook and video collections with a focus on technology, programming, development, network administration and digital media. You can also use online learning content and tools to learn new technologies and research business trends. 

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A few things: 1. You need to first select 'My Account' before you can see 'My Profile' as an option. (at least in the browser version) 2. When logging in to RB Digital, a page immediately comes up regarding the switchover to Libby. You need to use the Back arrow in the browser in order to see their information. This is not apparent, and may very well trip people up. 3. The only thing you see when downloading "transaction History" is currently checked out titles, not what one has checked out and subsequently returned. Calling this information 'transaction history' is definitely misleading. To see reading history, one needs to go to 'History' under the My Account menu. I am unable to find how to easily export this list, unfortunately.

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Thank you for your comment. As you mentioned, there are differences depending on the browser and device used. When I tested the process on my account, using "Export My Transaction History" at the bottom of my Profile page did render my history of magazine checkouts for the past few years in an Excel spreadsheet. I am currently unable to load my history via "History" under My Account, but will explore if there is a way to export it from there.

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