eSpotlight - Did you know... You Can Take Charge of Your Privacy? Part One

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Knowledge is Power

Did you know that you can customize your settings in some of our eResources to protect your privacy? This series will walk you through exactly how to do that!

The OverDrive App and Website

OverDrive has some really neat features that let you save your reading history, see your checkout activity, and accumulate a list of books to read and books read. If that's something you want - great! If you don't, you should know how to control the settings. The OverDrive app and website allow you to turn on the History feature if you want it -- the default is off. This video will give you a quick walk-through of how to control your history settings.


Libby is OverDrive's new app, but it doesn't behave like the OverDrive website and old app. In Libby, your activity is defaulted as on, and you can turn it off and clear it


Treehouse is a pretty neat resource for people who want to learn coding, and other tech pursuits. There are just a couple of privacy settings you might want to look at.

The New York Times (updated 2018-05-23)

The New York Times Online is an awesome way to get your news, but it's easy to get signed up for email newsletters that you might not like clogging your inbox. Happily, it's easy to customize so that you only get the emails you want.

You're on your way!

With a little know-how and patience, you can make your experience with eResources safe and fun! Try out these tips today, and keep an eye on this blog for another installment next Tuesday!

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