eSpotlight - This is for the Birds

Image of four sparrows perched on a piece of wood

"A bird is joy incarnate." Myrtle Reed

I have always been fascinated by birds. Their songs and the way they move mesmerize me. I have a bird feeder just outside my kitchen window.  Daily, I see a variety of finches, sparrows and, my favorite frequent flyers, chickadees stopping by for a meal. A few years ago, my spouse gifted me with a good pair of binoculars, a book of birds of North America, and a membership to The Audubon Society  On our weekend adventures and vacations, I try to identify new birds and check them off the list in my book. I've found it to be a relaxing, educational hobby which is easily supported by the many eResources available from San José Public Library. 

Getting to Know Our Feathered Neighbors

We have an amazing variety of birds in our area. These eResources can help you learn more about the different species, their characteristics, habitats and feeding.

Image of book cover depicting a variety of birds in flight. Text reads "Caroline Arnold. Birds - Nature's Magnificent Flying Machines - Illustrated by Patricia J. WynneImage of a book cover with a painting of a blue jay. Text reads "The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman"Image of book cover with painting of a barn owl. Text reads: "Birds of California - A Falcon Field Guide by Todd Telander"Image of book cover with photos of a variety of birds. Text reads "The Wonderful World of Birds - Nature Learning Series - JD-Biz Publishin - Dueep J. Singh and John Davidson"Image of book cover with yellow bird in a tree. Text reads "Birds of North America Western Region -The Ultimate Photographic Guide - American Museum of Natural History" Image of book cover showing a variety of birds. Text reads "Bird of North American for Kids - Amazing Animal Books for Young Readers by John Davidson"Image of book cover with photos of a hummingbird, butterfly, bee, bird house and flowers. Text reads "The California Wildlife Habitat Garden - How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds and Other Animals by Nancy Bauer"Image of magazine cover showing picture of a Pacific Loon. Text reads "Audubon - Winter, 2018. Call of the Arctic. An intimate journey through America's most pristine wildlife refuge- and what's at stake if we drill."


This variety of eBooks can help birders of any level have a successful birdwatching adventure.

Image of book cover with a bluebird perched on a branch. Text reads "Birding for Beginners- a Comprehensive Introduction to the Art of Birdwatching" by Sheila Buff with Photographs by Richard DayImage of book cover with a variety of birds and a pair of binoculars depicted. Text reads "The Bird Watching Answer Book - Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Birds in Your Backyard and Beyond" by Laura EricksonImage of book cover with a circle in which is a drawing of a man with binoculars watching birds. Text reads "The Joy of Birdwatching by Alan Davies and Ruth MillerImage of book cover with picture of several ducks on water. Text reads: "Better Birding - Tips, Tools and Concepts for the Field" by George L. Armistead and Brian L. SullivanImage of book cover with drawing of green grass and birds. Text reads "Green Birding - How to See More Birds and Protect the Environment at the Same Time by Richard Gregson"Image of book cover with cartoon image of bedraggled male birdwatcher with a backpack and a variety of birds around him. Text reads "A-Z of Birds - A Birder's Tales from Around the World - Bo Beolens"

Capturing the Moment

Now that you've learned how to find and identify birds, here are some eResources to exercise those artistic muscles to create an image of what you discovered.

Image of book cover with photos of various birds. Text reads "Backyard Bird Photography - How to Attract Birds to your Home and Create Beautiful Photography by Matthew Tekulsky"Image of book cover with gull flying with blue sky in background. Text reads "How to Photograph Birds on the Wing - a Photographic Learning Curve by David Bigwood, LRPSImage of book cover with several drawings of birds of different types. Text reads "Drawing for Birds for Beginners - Step by Step Guide to Drawing Birds - Learn to Draw Book Series - JD-Biz Publishing by John Davidson and Adrian Sanqui"Image of book cover with red breasted bird perched on magnolia tree. Text reads "Painting Garden Birds with Sherry C. Nelson - How to Paint 11 Beautiful Backyard Birds in Oils. Includes Patterns and Step-by-Step Instructions.

With an SJPL Library Card, you can flock to these eResources and fly to many others available at your San José Public Library.


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