Early Literacy At Home: January 2018 Calendar

These fun and simple activities are just one way to help develop your child's pre-reading skills. Pick and choose or try them all!

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January 2017 Early Literacy Calendar


January 2018 Activities

  • January 1: Try a new food today
  • January 2: Share a story with someone special
  • January 3: Find five red objects in your room
  • January 4: What is the weather like today?
  • January 5: How long is a minute? Set a timer and see how long you can keep your eyes closed
  • January 6: Draw a picture using your favorite color
  • January 7: Talk about the pictures in a book before you read it
  • January 8: Line up shoes from largest to smallest
  • January 9: Have a dance party with your toys
  • January 10: Talk about firefighters. How do they help people?
  • January 11: Try to make different size circles with your fingers and hands
  • January 12: Count the number of steps from your bed ot the kitchen
  • January 13: Make up verses to your favorite nursery rhyme
  • January 14: When sharing a story, use your child's name as the main character
  • January 15: Check out ABC Mouse for fun learning games at home
  • January 16: Spell different letters in the air with your finger
  • January 17: Count from one to ten on yor fingers, then one to ten on your child's fingers
  • January 18: Play a game of Simon Says when cleaning up toys
  • January 19: Play a game of I Spy during bath time
  • January 20: How many shapes can you make using Q-tips?
  • January 21: Clap to a rhythm, have your child repeat your pattern
  • January 22: Move like different animals. Sideways like a crab, hopping like a kangaroo
  • January 23: What happens when you pour oil and vinegar into a jar?
  • January 24: Talk about your day. Where are you going? Who will you see?
  • January 25: Sing a favorite nursery rhyme during breakfast
  • January 26: What words rhyme with "rain"?
  • January 27: Practice rolling a ball back and forth. As challenges as you go
  • January 28: Play outside today
  • January 29: Practice tracing shapes in the air with your finger
  • January 30: Talk about the days of the week
  • January 31: Act out different action words: Jump, clap, spin, etc.

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