Early Literacy at Home: February 2018 Calendar

These fun & simple activities are just one way to help develop your child’s pre-reading skills. Pick and choose or try them all!

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February 2018 Activities

  • February 1: Practice fine motor skills by cutting up paper by hand
  • February 2: Look for your shadow when you go outside today. Did you find it?
  • February 3: Count to 20 using fingers and toes
  • February 4: Tell a story about your favorite toy
  • February 5: Make a list of words that begin with the letter F
  • February 6: Line up toys from your bed to the door. How many did you use?
  • February 7: Try something new today
  • February 8: Go for a walk outside. Let your child lead the way
  • February 9: Learn to say "Goodbye" in a different language
  • February 10: Trace letters in a tray or rice, beans or other grain
  • February 11: Point out different colors when sorting the laundry
  • February 12: Make up a song about your favorite food
  • February 13: What is the weather like today?
  • February 14: Practice drawing hearts for someone special
  • February 15: Play a game of I Spy around your home
  • February 16: Decorate a piece of paper to use as a bookmark
  • February 17: Point to the words on the page when reading together
  • February 18: Practice tapping two pencils together to a rhythm
  • February 19: LIBRARY CLOSED - PRESIDENT'S DAY HOLIDAY Practice spelling your name
  • February 20: Use a towel as a magic carpet. Where will you go?
  • February 21: Make a list of animals that start with the letter F
  • February 22: How long does it take an ice cube to melt?
  • February 23: Visit the library
  • February 24: Practice stringing beads on a string or pipe cleaner
  • February 25: Talk about different road signs on your next outing by car or by foot
  • February 26: Play with blocks
  • February 27: Trace your hand on a piece of paper
  • February 28: Play a game of pretend with your toys

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