Early Literacy at Home: April 2018 Calendar

These fun and simple activities are just one way to help develop your child's pre-reading skills. Pick and choose or try them all!

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Parent and child playing at the library

(Photo courtesy of the CA State Library and Terry Lorant Photography)

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April 1: Practice walking up and down the stairs

April 2: Read a folk or fairytale from another country

April 3: Start a journal for drawings, pictures and scribbles

April 4: Clap and dance to the ABC song

April 5: Read a story and talk about the characters

April 6: Do a puzzle or play a board game

April 7: Plant a seed in some soil and watch it grow with regular water and sunlight

April 8: Dance and sing to "the Hokey Pokey"

April 9: Find different ways to get to the library

April 10: Draw a picture of what you see outside the window in your journal

April 11: Pick a nursery rhyme to practice and memorize this month

April 12: Invent a story about something you see in your home

April 13: Use paper tubes as binoculars. What do you see?

April 14: Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" to learn about the life-cycle of a caterpillar

April 15: Tape each body part when singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"

April 16: Share a book about Spring

April 17: Finger pant with yogurt or pudding

April 18: Sing "Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed"

April 19: Talk about the names of feelings; happy, sad, mad, scared, etc.,

April 20: Draw outside with sidewalk chalk

April 21: What kinds of bugs can you find at the park?

April 22: Move around like your favorite animal

April 23: Reread a favorite story, then have your child "read" it to you

April 24: Tear up paper with your fingers or scrunch it up into a ball

April 25: Learn a new song about birds

April 26: During bedtime, talk about the ups and downs of your day

April 27: Make a fort with chairs and a blanket

April 28: How has your plant changed over time?

April 29: Practice jumping three times on just one leg

April 30: Ask a librarian for a story recommendation

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