Early Literacy Everyday: January 2017 Calendar

January 2017 calendar of early literacy activities

Start the new year with a new set of early literacy activities to do with your child. These activities can be done at home or out and about.


January 1: Name three new things you want to learn to do this year.

January 2: LIBRARY CLOSED - Read your favorite book today.

January 3: What was your favorite book that you read in 2016? Who did you read it with?

January 4: Learn how to say “Happy New Year” in a different language. Try using our Mango language learning resource.

January 5: Sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" during bath time tonight.

January 6: Help set the table for dinner tonight. How many plates do you need?

January 7: Try tracing the first letter of your name with your finger.

January 8: Dance to your favorite song.

January 9: What is one new thing you did last year that you want to do again this year?

January 10: Visit the library and look for a book about your favorite animal.

January 11: What can you do with an empty shoe box? Is it a guitar, or a car for your favorite doll?

January 12: January begins with the letter J. What are the other months that begin with the letter J?

January 13: Find 5 things in your favorite color in your kitchen.

January 14: Sing your favorite song to a stuffed animal, or pet today.

January 15: Look for the audiobook version of one of your favorite books on Overdrive.

January 16: LIBRARY CLOSED - Sing your favorite song

January 17: Count to 10 on your fingers. Count to 10 on your toes.

January 18: Visit the library and tell a librarian what your favorite book is.

January 19: What color are your shoes? Which shoe goes on your right foot? Which shoe is for your left foot?

January 20: Point to the words and pictures on the page as you read.

January 21: Practice pouring water or rice from one cup to another today.

January 22: Help with the laundry. Try to pick out all the clothes that are yellow.

January 23: Which room in your home has the largest window? Which room has the smallest window?

January 24: Sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Try using animals that don’t usually live on the farm (dinosaurs, dolphins).

January 25: Play with puzzles.

January 26: Try a new food that begins with the letter J.

January 27: Draw a picture of something you saw outside today.

January 28: Act out your favorite story with your toys today.

January 29: What is the weather like today?

January 30: Look for number 1 everywhere you go today.

January 31: Visit the library. Let your child pick out a book for bedtime stories.


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