Drag Queen "Over the Rainbow" Story Hour at SJPL

Drag Queen Talon Marks reading a story

Meet Our Drag Queen Host,

Talon Marks!

"Adventure and excitement; new places, people, and ideas. Books have it all! I hope you can join me at the library to share some of my favorite stories and songs with you. Bring a friend!" - Talon Marks

Talon Marks has completed storytime training with the Early Education unit. His teaching background made him a natural storyteller. Check-out his Wee Share Stories video done in one take!

Celebrate Pride with Us

What do Drag Queens and young children have in common? They both love to dress up in creative fashions and use their imaginations to fully explore their world and their identity. This summer, we’ll be celebrating Pride in our diverse and unique community by looking Over the Rainbow with Drag Queen storytimes at King Library, in partnership with Silicon Valley Pride.

Drag Queen storytime is a family-friendly way of recognizing the multiple layers that make us who we are.Our featured Drag Queen, Talon Marks, will kick-off our newest story hour program, dressed in full glamorous glory, possibly with glitter, to share age appropriate stories and songs with children and families of all ages. Stories will highlight inclusion, diversity and friendship. There will also be an opportunity for children to ask questions and learn more about Talon after the storytime.

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Neither by Airlie AndersonWorm Loves Worm by Jj AustrianPrince and Knight by Daniel HaackThis Day in June by Gayle e. Pitman You're Wearing That to School? by Lynn PlourdeTeddy's Favorite Toy by Christian TrimmerIt's Okay to be Different by Todd ParrBe a Friend by Salina Yoon

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Drag Queen: 'Over the Rainbow' Storytime

  Jun 15 2019 - 11:00am
  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library


I am completely against this. Young children are impressionable and should not be exposed to such perverse ideas. If I had know about this earlier I would have taken action to protest this. I do not want this to occur in any public library.

Stop being so close minded and spreading your bigotry. If you don't like this event, don't attend.

You probably can protest it, but you could also spend your time doing something else.

It is a public library and as such is a space for ALL.

should we let cons and drug addicts and other "alls" come to the temple.

No, but you should learn to spell :D

So your argument is invalid.

Your words are disgusting. That's a huge assumption to make about any group of people. You also have no idea what the intention of the San Jose public library system. If you actually read their vision statement it says "We strive to provide Library services that are known and valued by the culturally diverse community, resulting in use from the broadest base of the public". San Jose is extremely diverse city and drag queens are part of that. Drag Queen and the LGBTQIA are part of this community and are valued members. Don't ever call anyone who's part of this community a pervert or pederasts again. Educate, enlighten, and evolve yourself.

Diverse and perverse is different. How diverse we should be dealing with young children in particular, those who are not ready for everything yet. Let them learn about Bambi, numbers, letters, colors, may be even about other then America countries.

Seems fine to me. Feel free to not attend, Kevin.

Sorry that family values insults you

Do we really have to? Should we leave our very young children as innocent as they are till later? Let's leave it to them to discover and make their own opinion when they are ready for the "complications" of live. Should a con men or a drug addict tell the innocent souls their stories in the libraries? I am not even saying it is wrong or right (we are so "proud" of been so opened), but imaging where it will go: children playing Spider Man, Cinderella, doctors, animals, and drag queens. Fun! Do not mess up their minds! They will have enough time to do it themselves. No respect at all to the temple of education.

Children "discover and make their own opinion" based on the world around them. I bet the parents and guardians who bring the children can help answer any questions.

And at the end of the story time a DQ is asking the young audience: Who wants to be a DQ? Hands raised. It is not a joke. How about: who wants to be a nurse, a librarian, a sailor, a scientist... I am not a hypocrite, but again let's ask: "who wants to be straight? If we have rainbow days at school, let's have non rainbow days, gay parade and not-gay. We do not shove it in your faces. Do not shove in ours.

Bob, queer people have been told they're 'wrong' and 'perverts' ever since the gay liberation movement gained traction in the 80s. No one is 'shoving' queer people in your face. These are real people. And finally, FINALLY, queer people are being celebrated in spaces like the library. It's the first step to ensure that queer folk in the future aren't brutally murdered simply for being gay like Lawrence King (https://www.newsweek.com/young-gay-and-murdered-junior-high-92787), Gabriel (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/man-tortures-kills-boy-believed-child-gay-da-article-1.3568800), or Zachary Dutro-Boggess (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2590985/Prosecutor-Mom-killed-son-perceived-gay.html). Don't shove your ridiculous 'non-rainbow days' in our face. Straight people have n e v e r been oppressed. Children, literal children, are not killed for being straight. Adults have never faced harassment or lack of job opportunities for being straight. Straight people have never been demonized like queer people. And they never will be. No one is 'shoving' anything. It's about exposing children to a world beyond their bubble, teaching them how to interact with people unlike them, and normalizing queer people. It's a celebration of people historically oppressed, isolated, and brutalized.

The way the wide "celebration" going and spreading might reverse the ratio. It's already uncomfortable to visit the sanctuary - SF. But, again, we are talking about the very little ones. Why mess up with their innocent minds? Wait and they will decide. By the way, by "non-rainbow days" I meant not against queer, but to support/celebrate non-queer.

Thank you so much for having this storytime! My kiddo is gender fluid, and I worry about how they will be treated by their peers as they get older. I'm happy that you are teaching kids (and their families) about inclusion and diversity and that gender expression can be many things. Please have more programs like these!

I agree with you so much! My child is also gender fluid and it's hard for us to find non-binary events to attend!

Gender fluid! Species fluid. Moral fluid. Something fluid floating in the water of diversities! Do not teach the children to be fluid. Teach them to accept the difference and individuality, but know who they are, not who they want to be just because it is popular, like fashion, it is new and different. Youth always wants to be different and controversial, help them to find possibilities. Like a caring doctor, you want your children to be healthy and take care of their health. When they old enough explain to them the "risk" and "benefits" of been one the diversity group. You need to realize, that it is not just an innocent dress-up game. Fluid - a substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure".

No one "chooses" to be queer, it's who they are. Just as much as you didn't choose to be closeminded, children do not choose to be queer; it is who they are. No one is teaching anyone anything. In fact, events like this expand children's minds to people unlike them, teaching them that's it's normal to be genderqueer and to support a person who is genderqueer. No one decides to be queer because along with that decision comes along people like you who distrust them, people who judge them without even bothering to know them, hate, oppression, and isolation. I didn't choose to be a person of color, no one "explain[ed] the 'risk[s]' and 'benefits'" of being who I am. Being queer is not a choice; being queer is something you cannot choose any more than you can choose your skin color, hair color, whether or not you need glasses. Moreover, being a drag queen is not a "dress-up game." The library is for everyone. E v e r y o n e. That includes children, teens, and adults who identify as queer. Events like this are important to the development of a child to teach them to be openminded and can teach a child about themselves without an adult shouting them down, telling them they're wrong. And finally, don't you dare call being queer a 'trend.' It's a struggle. It's a journey towards self-acceptance which has been difficult with people like you cluttering that path. Also, what in god's name is 'species fluid?' Think before you comment.

Agree with you: newborns do not choose their skin, hair, eye color, or gender. They are born with it. But later, that's what mainly discussion is about, they make changes, if they want/need, they choose from the options that are given to them by parents, school and the society. Wrong! Beware that "Everyone" can be a rapist, a pedophile, a prostitute, etc. With all the freedom and democracy so misused, we need to draw the line. That's why (most) governments have the legal system to serve and protect.

Gender fluid. Already a term "created" for the subject. So, are we raising fluids now. What happened with definitions of "solid", "character"? No commitment, no particular responsibilities. Whatever. How are you going to explain your child, what do dress, how to behave, what bathroom to use and how to use it? How are you going to explain the natural facts of their body functions? At least, wait till they start "experiment" or learn as adults. We wait for them to start driving, drinking. We even consider the exposure of offensive language, but we are proud to introduce the diversity. When the parenting was cancelled? You need to guide the child. The child should not be gender fluid - spineless creature. Parents should prepare the child to be an adult: know how to work and provide for himself, be strong to protect the weak, love, have children and raise them, take care of the country.

I don't think you know what gender fluid means. It means a person doesn't identify as having a fixed gender. A person identifying as gender fluid can still, "know how to work and provide for [themselves (because any PERSON can do these things!], be strong to protect the weak, love, have children and raise them, [and] take care of the country."

That's the point: fixed gender. We are born with "fixed" or identified gender, not counting anomalies (0.5%). But with severe propaganda we think that one can re-fix the gender. I am not against the genders and all (I have my own opinion and keep it to myself), but I am strongly disagree that the public library supports propaganda of a gender subject/diversity among unprepared children.

i agree with your comment 100% raising your kid as a "gender fluid" kid or any of the other bogus made up genders is border line child abuse. It can have bad long term effects on these young innocent children.

It warms my heart to see this storytime. I've never gone to a storytime, but I am going to try my hardest to go with my sister, her husband, and my niece.

Thank you so much SJPL! This is FANTASTIC!!! Neither of my children follow traditional binary gender lines, and I'm thrilled to see SJPL putting on such a wonderful story time event.

A storyteller is telling a story.....and storytellers dress up in all kinds of ways.....animals, cartoon characters, you name it. I am a totally straight, "normal" guy who does not feel any agenda regarding "changing" our children is at work here; quite the opposite - encouraging them NOT to feel pressured to change and be something they are not...

Thank you for having this event. Drag Queens are NOT perverse or perverts they are amazing people and are an integral part of our community. It's important for kids to be exposed to all kinds of people because they exist in our community and they are valued. If you are closed minded and have a problem with this event don't come. This is progress people, it's time we start being more inclusive and not exclusive.

This is awesome! Who doesn't like stories about inclusion, diversity and friendship with some glitter and glamour thrown in? Way to go SJPL! Putting this on my family calendar right now!

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