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A Day in the Life of a Kid Sheltering in Place

Sophia Tran, sitting in her backyard

Picture taken by Sophia T.



San Jose Public Library is pleased to announce the winning blog submission from the 2020 Young Authors Book Festival. This year, young authors learned about power in writing through several virtual writing workshops. SJPL led a “Blogging for Kids” workshop in which all participants were encouraged to submit a blog entry illustrating: A Day in the Life of a Kid Sheltering in Place. The following submission was selected by a panel made up of Young Authors Book Festival event organizers and SJPL staff.


A Day in the Life of a Kid Sheltering in Place - 2020

Written by Sophia Tran

As we all shelter-in-place, I would like to share one day in my life as a quarantined child. 5/21/2020

Sophia seated in yoga pose.
Picture taken by Sophia T.

The Morning: 8 am

I start my mornings with some yoga in my backyard. It’s always so relaxing to ease my body and relax my muscles. After thirty minutes, I come back in for my breakfast: a bowl of vanilla yogurt, freshly cut bananas, and a cup of orange juice. Just one great way to keep one’s body healthy and energized😀. Then, I zoom my eighth grade class and teacher for her instructions on the day’s assignment. It’s a small entertainment to see my friends again, even if it’s through zoom. It’s actually kind of funny to see the half asleep faces of my classmates.

Jacob Lawrence, "The Library", 1960, tempera on fiberboard painting
© Jacob Lawrence, "The Library", 1960, tempera on fiberboard, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Homework: 10 am to 12 pm

I have found my homework load to have reduced immensely. Videos make up for a lesson. How I miss books and teachers. Good news though is that my ELA teacher sends short stories as part of our assignments. I can’t wait till the library opens again…

Looking at this painting, I’m reminded of my library. Good thing I have my short stories to read!

Sophia and her brother making apple dumplings. Arrow pointing to 'The Apple Blobs'. Dialog bubble reads, 'Stressing. Hmm... smells good.'
Picture taken by Sophia T

Lunch and Fun: 12 pm to 3 pm

For today’s lunch, we would be enjoying “Phở”, a famous Vietnamese beef noodle dish. Bon appetite! After eating our lunch, my brother and I zoom his teacher as she teaches us to bake apple dumplings. Though ours were more like “blobs’ than dumplings, the deliciousness was ceaseless!

The Games: 3 to 6 pm

After baking our apple dumplings, my brother and I play some board games. Two games I especially enjoy are chess and lip-syncing 80’s music (we even wore costumes). During one lip-sync game, mom said we looked like some Men in Black spies with our black jackets. No doubt about that.

© Song “Take on Me”. Artists: a-ha. Song writers: Morten Harket, Magne Furuholmen, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. Released in 1984.

Sophia with safety helmet stands next to white dog standing on its hind feet.
Picture taken by Sophia T.

The Evening: 6 to 7 pm

For dinner, we enjoy our bowls of pho; I can never get bored of that smell. Afterwards, we go outside to exercise and stretch. My dog, Winn-Dixie, is so excited as he walks with us! My brother and I usually inline skate outside, taking this as a chance to practice our skills.

Movie Night: 7 to 10 pm

My family bathes, brushes our teeth, and completes our before-bed routines. After that, we all huddle together on a couch to watch a movie. Some nights, we watch horror movies, other times comedy. After the movie is done, we all go back to our beds for sleep. Just before I fall asleep, I pray that God will heal us all as we go through these hardships. I hope he is listening…

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Submitted by Victoria H on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 11:49 AM


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Thank you for sharing your activities! You are such a great role model for young people! I wish you joy!

Submitted by Rachel S on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 9:38 AM


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Hello - you really know how to organize your day, and I appreciate your focus on balance. Way to find peace when it is crazy outside.

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