COVID-19 Vaccination Tips and Information

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As of April 15, 2021, vaccinations have opened up for ages 16 and above. Although there seems to be an influx of the vaccine, scheduling an appointment can sometimes be challenging. You may have to look beyond your health care provider (vaccinations should be free, by the way). For instance, although I was able to secure an appointment right away for myself with my health care provider, I wasn't so lucky when I tried to schedule one for my teenage son. Ultimately, I was successful in booking him an appointment through Santa Clara County's vaccination website. As a side note, those ages 16 to 17 can only get the Pfizer vaccine, which further narrows down your choices if booking for that age group.


Vaccination Appointments and Information

Things can change quickly, but here is a list on where you can try booking a vaccination appointment:

Pharmacies in Santa Clara County Offering Vaccinations

Tips  - Social Media Sites

Gardner Health Center walk in vaccination appointments

A lot of securing a vaccination appointment depends on “luck on the draw”, so try searching on multiple websites at various times of the day.

Pro-tip: Scan your social feeds like Instagram and Facebook for last minute "drop-in", "no appointment" vaccinations. For instance, Gardner Health Services in Santa Clara County posted this in their Instagram feed.


    Local Health Organizations and Representatives to Follow on Social Media

    These local representatives have been really great on posting drop in vaccination information:

    City of San Jose Emergency Notifications (drop-in)

    Sometimes the City of San Jose lists drop-in vaccinations and other COVID-19 related updates on the city's Emergency notification page, and you can also sign up for alerts.

    Organizations Offering Up-to-date and Reliable COVID-19/Vaccination Information

    For Children


    Clinical Trials

    If you've never had COVID-19 and want to slow the spread by participating in a clinical trial, you can sign up:

    Tech Access

    Need to use a computer to book your appointment or research information on COVID-19? San Jose Public Library is now offering limited tech access to library card members. You can book a computer at select locations.

    Need a device for checkout? San Jose Public Library also has device checkouts available at some locations.

    Sign-up for a library card to use these services.

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