Winners of the Graphic Novel Making Contest

Speech bubble with a pencil. Text: 10th Annual San José Public Library Graphic Novel Making Contest

10th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary of the Graphic Novel Making Contest culminated at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at the Seventrees Community Center Banquet Hall. About 350 people attended, including participants and their families! This was also our largest year so far, with 205 comic submissions!

Awards Ceremony

Tables with comic entries, the walls behind the tables have comic pages displayed

The banquet hall was decorated with copies of contest submissions, so participants could walk around and view everyone else's work. When participants arrived at the award ceremony, they received a certificate for participating in the competition, a voucher for free admission to the San Jose Museum of Art, a book voucher for a graphic novel of their choice, and a drawing prize ticket!

Guest Speakers

Library Director Jill Bourne speaking to an audience at the Graphic Novel Contest Award Ceremony

Matt Silady at a podium speaking to a crowd, his blazer is covered in comic book actions like BAM! and WOWZERS!

Library Director Jill Bourne hosted the event, introducing our guest speakers and announcing drawing prize numbers. Matt Silady, comics department chair at California College of the Arts, bubbled with excitement as he discussed the importance of learning about comics. Matt also talked about his free online comic class at Kadenze that anyone can sign up for, which 8,000 students from 81 different countries have taken! He also wore an amazing blazer he picked out specifically for this event.

Nidhi Chanani speaking and pointing at the crowd

Nidhi and Matt sitting in the audience during the Award Ceremony

Nidhi Chanani, author of the beloved graphic novel Pashmina, was our second guest speaker. She chronicled her journey and love of drawing through numerous drawings of herself, as she went though odd jobs and art school. She talked about challenging herself by drawing and painting every day. She also presented her artistic growth for everyone to see, showing drawings from her childhood and the progression of her talents, explaining that even professional artists were novices at some point too. Nidhi also signed copies of her book and happily talked to participants after the ceremony.

The Winners

Winners of the Graphic Novel Contest Award Ceremony with Jill Borne

And without further ado, here are the winners of the 10th annual Graphic Novel Making Contest!


  • First Place: Sonia Wang My Hobby
  • Second Place: Vivienne Mila Bella Got Fairy Lucky
  • Third Place: Vrinda Darwin Turtle's Best Friend
  • Honorable Mention: Easha Sreeder Mr. Lee Finds a Treasure


  • First Place: Yaretzi & Hector Nevarez The Adventures of Nature Girl and Water Boy
  • Second Place: Natalie Walter The Songbirds: Battle of the Bands
  • Third Place: Aanya Arvind My Butt is Burning
  • Honorable Mention: Anika Chatradhi Maurecia the Mermaid
  • Honorable Mention: James Callaghan Hamster Boy
  • Honorable Mention: Andrew Zhao Lost


  • First Place: Christine Huynh Change
  • Second Place: Janvi Ramchandra Anxiety
  • Third Place: Victoria Vo How To Keep Moving
  • Honorable Mention: Vy Nguyen Detective Callisto
  • Honorable Mention: Rachel Davis The Beast's Mark


  • First Place: Zoe Zandbergen The Witch's Gem
  • Second Place: Yui Kita Nelly
  • Third Place: James Gatenby Everness Dawn
  • Honorable Mention: Katherine Leung Gone Fishing

How to Read

View Winning Comics Online Through Biblioboard!

All digital submissions can be viewed on Biblioboard as well. 

Additionally, each library branch has 2 copies of the 2018 Graphic Novel Making Contest which contain the winning entries. 


A big thank you to this year's generous sponsors! We were able to provide wonderful prize bags to the winners, as well as graphic novels and museum tickets for every participant thanks to the following: Sakura of America, TRY Japan Cultural Center, San Jose Museum of Arts, Crunchyroll, Hijinx Comics, Illusive Comics, Top Shelf Productions, First/Second Books, Image Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, and Winchester Mystery House.

Prize bags pulls of comics and drawing supplies

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