Community Conversations: Your Voice Matters

Diverse group of community members each hold up different colors of paper cut out in the shape of conversation bubbles

Your Voice Matters

So much is happening in San José. We're facing unprecedented change, regarding the fate of our city. It can be challenging sometimes to feel like our voices are being heard, and our voices should be heard.

As community members, our participation in community decision-making and action matters. Our voices matter. As a member of the San José community, your voice matters.

Join the Conversation

If you are looking for a way to actively participate in democracy—to have your voice heard—San José Public Library (SJPL) encourages you to take a moment and respond to a brief community survey:


If you'd prefer to take part in a virtual meet up to express your opinions, you can sign up for a live community conversation listed on our events page.


What's a Community Conversation?

These are kitchen-table style chats that are facilitated by trained library workers. SJPL staff won't be asking you direct questions about the library. They'll be asking questions about your aspirations for the community.

At its core, we are asking you, your neighbors, and all San José community members who attend, "What do you want San José to be?"

The only other thing your SJPL facilitators will do during these sessions is listen. No excuses, no explanations of why they think something is the way it is, none of that. SJPL staff are there to listen.

What happens after the conversation?

You might be thinking to yourself, talk is cheap, right? What happens after the conversation?

One of the best outcomes of these conversations is that the conversation doesn't stop at the conversation. The information is used to strengthen our communities throughout the city.

The information gathered helps us to:

  • Build on your aspirations: Guiding City, community partner, and library efforts, based on your aspirations for our community
  • Find new partners: Identifying opportunities for growth and community partnerships
  • Develop strategies: Working on community issues together
  • Improve your services: Mobilizing your City, community, and library services to adapt to community aspirations

Your Dreams for Your City

This is your city. We want it to reflect your aspirations for the community. Join us in a Community Conversation.


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