Community Climate Cafes at Alum Rock Branch Library

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Three-Part Series: Community Discussions on Climate Change

This fall, join us at Alum Rock Branch Library for a three-part series of community discussions about climate change and extreme weather events. Part book club and part science café, this is a chance to talk with NOAA meteorologist Brian Garcia from the National Weather Service’s Bay Area forecast office and your neighbors about issues that matter to all of us.

At each program, we watch a short video about Americans who have responded and adjusted to climate changes and extreme weather events in their communities, and then will have a group discussion about the videos and the weather and climate related issues that impact our daily lives right here in San Jose.

CHANGE: Saturday, September 16, 4:00 PM

The week of September 16, will have a theme of CHANGE.
We'll discuss how climate change and extreme weather may affect the local economy and daily life. We’ll explore ways you and your community can develop innovative, solution-oriented ideas that build resiliency and protect the environment. 

Video preview:

COMMUNITY: Saturday, October 14, 4:00 PM

The week of October 14, will have a theme of COMMUNITY.
We’ll explore how the San Jose community responds to extreme weather events, such as the February flood, as well as long-term climate change concerns. We’ll develop ideas about how families and communities can be better prepared for the future by working together. 

Video preview:

For the Saturday October 14 discussion, we will be joined by "StandUp Economist" Yoram Bauman, the co-author of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change He is "the world's first and only stand-up economist" and the co-author of The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change.  He has appeared in Time magazine, on PBS and NPR, and has shared the stage with everyone from Robin Williams to Paul Krugman. More at

STRATEGY: Saturday, November 4, 4:00 PM

The week of November 4, will have a theme of STRATEGY.
We'll discuss adaptive strategies for managing environmental challenges — from droughts to flooding — that affect your homes and communities. With long term improvements in mind, we’ll generate ideas that can take root in your backyards.

Video preview:

For the November 4 discussion, we will be joined by Paul Fleischman, author of Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines.  Fleischman is an award winning author of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for children, teens, and adults. More at

Available at All Three Sessions

  • Light refreshments will be served.
  • We will be giving away:
    • Kill-a-Watt meters, a home device that assesses the efficiency of your electrical appliances. Cut down on costs by monitoring your expenses over time.
    • Single ride gift codes from Ford GoBike, for a free ride from any bike share station in San Jose or throughout the Bay Area.

Further Reading

Recommended but not required reading companion to the programs:

Background on This Series

Pushing the Limits: PLACE is a library-hosted reading, viewing, and discussion program for adults in underserved and rural communities, made possible by grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Science Foundation. The program is the work of a team of library professionals, scientists, and filmmakers from organizations including Califa Group, Dartmouth College, Dawson Media Group, and Goodman Research Group.

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