Changes in Access to San Jose State University Materials

Tower Hall on San Jose State University campusPlease note that in the upcoming weeks there will be interruptions to some of our services related to San Jose State University (SJSU) books and materials. SJSU along with the other California State Universities will be transitioning to a new library catalog called OneSearch. San Jose Public Library (SJPL) customers will continue to have access to the SJSU collection; however the ways in which they are accessed will be changing.

As before, access to materials that are not readily available at San Jose Public Library, can be obtained through the Link+ or ILLiad systems. If a book is available at SJSU and not SJPL, these materials can be checked out at King Library or can be requested through ILLiad for delivery to SJPL branch libraries. Please bear with us as transactions might take longer than anticipated during this transition period. Please check with library staff for additional questions or concerns.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, June 9, 2017: Hold requests will be discontinued on SJSU materials in our current library catalog. Existing hold requests will still be fulfilled.
  • June 9-27, 2017: You may still visit King Library to check out SJSU materials.
  • June 24-26: SJSU materials will no longer appear in our library catalog.
  • Tuesday, June 27: SJSU’s new OneSearch library catalog will go live. SJPL card holders with SJSU materials checked out will automatically have an account created in OneSearch. Other SJPL card holders can create an account in SJSU's new catalog using their SJPL card.


So from now on SJSU materials can only be referenced directly at King Library? No more deliveries to SJPL branches? If that is the case, isn't that a big step backwards? What is the reason for such a decision?

No. Public library card holders will need to activate an Illiad account and make the request through Interlibrary Loan. ILL will deliver to the branches. Also, if you go to King in person the items can be checked out, as long as it isn't Library Use Only. Just watch out for the due dates and the renewal policies.

I'm with Dan. The description clearly sounds like you can only get sjsu materials at King Library. If this is going to take place, students should also have to get non Sjsu items only at King Library. It seems again that the taxpayers are getting jacked again.

Was this added after the comments above? "If a book is available at SJSU and not SJPL, these materials can be checked out at King Library or can be requested through ILLiad for delivery to SJPL branch libraries. " This would appear to contradict Dan's comment.

Does Illiad allow the same generous renewal policy that we were allowed before (up to 3 renewals for all books), or is it much more restricted, like Link+ (only a single renewal)?

The illiad renewals are much more restricted, worse than link+. Also, the interface is only one step above filling out a paper form. You have to fill our a webpage with all the bibliographic information and someone will do a search for you. You cannot pick items from a catalog. Also, delivery is very slow, even slower than Link+, can easily take 2 weeks.

It is not possible to request items from a specific library through Illiad. I suspect is what they mean is that when you want an item, you can to to King yourself, or request it via Illiad. The downside is that Illiad will take forever (10 days or more easily), you only get 3 weeks, very high fines for late returns, and maybe a renewal. To get an item through illiad, you have to fill out a form manually. So what they did is to replace a very convenient and fast service with a horribly inconvenient and slow way. Also, the illiad books cannot be returned through the book drop, so you have to park your car, go to the library desk during working hours, and return the item yourself. This is the form you have to fill out to request an item. It is neither possible to search the catalog yourself, nor is it possible to select a specific library to receive the item from. At the other end, some librarian will manually fill your request as time permits. Author/Editors *Title Please do not abbreviate unless your citation is abbreviated *Date of Publication *Not Wanted After Date (MM/DD/YYYY) 07/13/2017 ISBN (International Standard Book Number) Please include the ISBN if available/known. Including this may expedite your request. Publisher Place of Publication Edition OCLC or Docline UI Number Will you accept the item in a language other than English? If yes, specify acceptable languages in the notes field. Will you accept an alternate edition of this item? Notes Put any information here that may help us find the item, as well as any other pertinent information. Source of Citation (e.g., a particular index, database, web site, article, or book)

Since it seems that the ability to request any academic works from the catalog has been removed, I have to wonder whether or not we will be able to even request books to be delivered to even to King (let alone to a branch), or if we will have to walk up to the 8th floor and get pick the books off the shelves ourselves? As for the problem of branches no longer accepting requests... I suggest taking taking VTA and bringing a suitcase.

I just got some details from a librarian: SJPL spent big money to replace their self-checkout stations with a new system: On the old 3M V-series stations, the patrons had to scan each book one at a time. These stations read the barcodes, so they worked with both SJSU and SJPL books. At that time, the SJSU books were made available on the hold shelf with SJPL books, and patrons could check out all of the books themselves. For some reason, they switched to the new Smartserve 400 system and replaced all the old stations. With the new system, you just stick the books into the opening, in principle it can read multiple books at the same time. In practice though, it doesn't really work for more than 4 books. You still have to check each book if the tag was read correctly. For the patrons this system is confusing and slower, but I assume it offers some advantage to the library management that was worth the big investment. The problem is that the new system works with so-called RFID tags, not barcodes. SJSU does not use RFID, but barcodes. Since getting the new system, they had to check out SJSU items by hand. Remember: 2 years ago, users could just check out university items using the barcode system all by ourselves. Instead of fixing the problem, they decided to stop delivering university items. If this is true, it makes me sad, because it is such a bad decision that could have easily been avoided in several ways: - Keep at least one of the 3M V-series stations with a barcode reader in each library. I wonder if those stations still exist or whether they were trashed. - Instead of moving to the Smartserve 400 system, buy an RFID add-on for the V-series (they can be upgraded) - Instead of buying RFID only stations, they could have bought combined readers, e.g. Bibliotheca Smartserve 1000. One per library would be enough. - Continue checking out university items by hand. link+ and illiad cannot be checked out by patrons either. I bet the overhead of handling illiad and link+ will be more than the savings from not handling university items. So now we are stuck with a system that a) costs more b) takes much longer, 10 instead of 2 days c) is very inconvenient d) reduces the value of the public library to near zero for any user of academic books and the worst of it: There is no parking at King, so you have to pay to pickup and return the books. I wonder how much the transition to RFID cost, and if these consequences were taken into account. By the way, library parcel tax was approved in 2014 for the next 25 years...

As of today, I am able to check out SJSU materials using the self-checkout machine at the Calabazas branch. I presume this means that the machine there is still capable of reading the barcode, if what you are saying about SJSU materials lacking RFID is true.

While you are correct in stating the checkout changes that have occurred since SJPL switched to an RFID system, that is not what this blog post is about. Instead, SJPL (as part of the CSU system) is switching to a new "ILS." This means nothing to a non-library staff member, but basically, they will have a different catalog than SJPL (the digital catalog you search for books in) and the library staff members will have to use a different software system to check the books out and keep library card records. Because SJSU is switching their catalog/ILS, SJSU books will no longer show up in SJPL searches because the books will no longer be listed in the catalog. I hope that makes sense, but if the details are muddled, the basic point is this: The RFID change has nothing to do with the changes being announced in this blog post.

Thank you for the clarification. Good to end the speculation.

Thank you for your comments. San Jose State University (SJSU) is currently in the process of transitioning to a new Integrated Library System along with all the other California State Universities, while San Jose Public Library will be staying with our current system. This transition has required us to identify alternative ways to allow customers to access SJSU materials. To lessen interruptions, the best solution we have identified right now is through the Inter Library Loan process called ILLiad. This process is different from our current model; however items can be delivered to the nearest branch location of your choice. This process may take longer to fulfill requests, but we do have other ways to access similar materials through a service we offer called Link+, which allows customers access to materials located at various library systems and could take less time. Of course, the fastest way to access SJSU materials would be to visit the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we undergo this transition.

interesting... Do they use the newer black Smartserve 400 (where you stick the books into the rectangular opening), or the 3M V-Series (where you have to put the books onto a V-shaped notch for reading), or still another system? Last time I picked up books from SJSU, I had to pick them up at the info desk and they checked them out by hand using the barcode scanner. Smartserve 400 can only do RFID, they stopped putting SJSU items on the hold shelf with the SJPL books when they switched systems, because you can't check them out yourself anyway.

I am a frequent user of SJPL, SJSU, Link+ and ILLiad for various purposes. I'm happy with the system, current and future, because it allows me access to materials I want to read. I think the bile being vented here is unwarranted. First, SJSU/CSU and SJPL have different missions. I think the current arrangement has been somewhat magical and I have no reason to think that those who created it in the first place are going to abandon their view of what a library can be because CSU has chosen to upgrade their system (and, apparently, withdraw from Link+). From my point of view, the services, current and future, offered through SJPL are light years ahead of, e.g., what is available to me as a Santa Clara County Library card holder. Second, the upgrade by CSU to OneSearch is a significant improvement if, like me, you sometimes want to find articles. You can see the difference for yourself by visiting Third, I see no reason to suppose that fulfillment of ILLiad requests made by SJPL users and serviced by SJSU will be materially slower than the current system (but I don't know the facts, either). I agree the requesting process will be less convenient for the user, but modestly so, and perhaps there will be a better solution in the longer term. I value the ability to get to the materials far more highly than the few seconds it takes to (perhaps copy and paste) details of a request. Fourth, I don't understand the objections to the RFID system (although I know nothing about the cost). It works fine for me and my kids, including when they stuff six books into the slot, and is faster and more convenient than the barcode system. The standard for comparison is not a barcode scanner that works anytime, anywhere - they, too, have occasional operating problems and if you borrow older (say 1970's or 1980's) books from King they may have no barcode or they may have a barcode in a place that the scanner can't read. So that requires a manual scan at the desk (whether at King or one of the branch libraries).

Used to be that I could read online journal articles available through SJSU with my city library card. Just tried to read an article in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology but the system says the resource is "only available off-campus to current students, staff, and faculty". Does this mean I have to be physically at the King Library to read the article, or that city borrowers will no longer have access to those resources without a university ID? As a related note, will emeritus faculty be able to access online resources with their old faculty ID number if they are no longer "current faculty"?

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