Celebrating Hip Hop History Month

Hip Hop History Month at SJPL

The San José Public Library completed another successful series of events celebrating Hip Hop History Month this November. We kicked off our 2nd annual celebration of Hip Hop by offering FREE events that help best illustrate how Hip Hop culture has influenced the local scene in San José, and how it continues to be a tour de force in every facet of our global identity.

Throughout the month of November, SJPL presented lectures and showcases from several artists who have taken their love of Hip Hop and turned this passion into professional careers. The goal of these interactive experiences is to educate, excite, and inspire people of all ages. We look forward to bringing you more local talent in November 2018.

Interested In Being A Presenter In 2018?

We're looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to showcase their love for hip hop through talents, such as: Music, Dance, Art and Culture / History. If you're interested in presenting at our 3rd Annual Hip Hop History Month series in November 2018, please fill out this form! We'll begin to contact interested presenters in late summer to early fall 2018.

Past Presenters & Promotions

2016 Flyer

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2017 Flyer

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Hip Hop Collection at Your SJ Library

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Hip Hop culture was cultivated from the streets of New York City’s five boroughs during the '70s–'80s, springing up from legendary block parties that were orchestrated by names like DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash. Black and Latino youths utilized the urban community they lived in to help mature what would be known to us as Hip Hop’s founding elements: DJing, emceeing, B-boying/breaking, and graffiti/writing. From body language to fashion, linguistics to pop culture, Hip Hop quickly proliferated mainstream America and has become an outlet for youth culture all around the world.


I am so excited about this tribute to hip hop! Thanks so much for creating this!

How alarming and tragic that the City is sponsoring a celebration of an "art form" that glorifies murder, rape, misogyny, sex and filthy language. Maybe it would be fun to print out the lyrics to some of the top hip hop songs and distribute them to children and then have them find the number of times the words f**k, b***ch, mother f****r and wh**e are sung and the child who finds the most number of vulgarities wins. How very sad and misguided this event.

Unfortunately, you must not have done much research Francisco, when i comes to Hip Hop because not all artists use profanity and have negative messages. Hip Hop is an amazing culture that has good and bad aspects to it, as do all things. Kudos, to those who put this together!!!

Hip hop is so fun, and i'm so excited. Thanks everyone.

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