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On May 25, 2022 raise a toast to National Wine Day! No one can pinpoint exactly what year this tradition started, although some online references go back to 2009. It's been speculated that social media influenced the rise of National Wine Day. Aside from appreciating some fun #NationalWineDay memes this year, why not kick up your heels and enjoy your favorite vino while soaking up some information about one of the world's most popular (and oldest) adult beverages?

Fun Facts about National Wine Day

  • California makes 85% of all US wine.
  • Over 7,500,000 tons of grapes were produced in the US in 2018.
  • "Oenophobia" is the fear of wine.
  • The reason wine tasters "swirl" their wine in their glass is to release its aromas. Also, the glass isn't more than a third way full. This allows for sufficient space at the top of the glass for the aromas to permeate.
  • Red wine pairs better with heavier food like red meat, while white wine is paired with lighter food like chicken or fish. Sweet wine is best served with desserts.

Santa Clara Valley Wine History

In case you weren't already aware, Santa Clara Valley has a rich agricultural history in winemaking. In 1951 Santa Clara county wineries produced 4,016,000 gallons of wine that year! Franciscan monks first brought viticulture to Santa Clara Valley in 1802. In 1852 the first commercial winery in California opened, Almaden Vineyards. It was located in the Almaden Valley area in San Jose. Today Almaden wines are known for their boxed wines. A fun fact: San Jose Public Library's Vineland Branch is located less than half a mile away from the original Almaden Vineyards. (The Almaden Vineyards building is considered a historical landmark.)



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Nice work Lisa! You should have a wine tasting at the library lol

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Nice work Lisa! You should have a wine tasting at the library lol

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