California Parks: Stanislaus National Forest

A snowy view of Upper Bucks Lake which is a scenic granite lake surrounded by forest.

Most winter sport enthusiasts in California spend many of the snowy months up in Tahoe reveling in snowboarding and skiing, and many bring not so enthusiastic friends and/or family along. If you fall into the latter category Stanislaus National Forest is an excellent day trip location for a quiet walk in the snow. The park features many trails, a list of attractions to view and most importantly, the opportunity to enjoy the snow at your own pace if you prefer relatively flat land to that of the slopes of a mountain.

Stanislaus National Park touches many towns part of Calaveras  County and even is a part of many of the runs Bear Valley and Dodge Ridge offer to their skiers and snowboarders. The park is a must visit, and with large resorts and also camp grounds, is very accessible and convenient for the casual visitor.

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