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Welcome to Brainfuse JobNow and VetNow

The San Jose Public Library has added Brainfuse JobNow and VetNow to the library's online resource collection. This new online resource is designed as an all-in-one suite of services for students, job seekers, and veterans.


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JobNow will support job seekers through the phases of the job search process to help you land the job. JobNow features include:

  • Live Coaching: Patrons can meet with a live expert to get resume assistance, brush up on interview techniques, or get live online interview practice. Note: Live coaching is available daily 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM PST.
  • Résumé Lab: Patrons can download résumé templates, browse resources for critiquing current résumés, to submitting them to a job coach for feedback and suggestions.
  • Career Resources: In addition to job resources, job coaches help users strategically target jobs best suited to their interests and qualifications.
  • Adult Learning Center: Besides offering career-enhancing skills to job seekers, the Adult Learning Center offers test preparation (including the GED and the USCIS citizenship test) and a unique academic skills center featuring live, online tutors.


VetNow provides support for veterans and their families with navigating the VA bureaucracy, providing academic tutoring, and employment transition assistance. VetNow services include:

  • Live Online Navigators: VetNow Navigators are trained to help veterans and families connect with valuable benefits and resources.
  • Job Tools: Designed to help with all stages of the job hunting process, the VetNow Job Tools feature career coaching, expert résumé assistance, live interview preparation, and more.
  • College Skills: Users build academic skills and prepare for college with VetNow's array of tools, including live tutors, academic questions, and practice tests including SAT, ACT, GMAT and more.


Access all of Brainfuse JobNow & VetNow services with your SJPL library card. You can also take a look at more career resources on the SJPL Works page.

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