Books with Local Settings

Aerial View Downtown San Jose

It's great fun to read a book set in a location you know. Here are some books you'll find at the San Jose Public Library that are either entirely or partially set in San Jose and/or the surrounding valley:

The Setup Man: A Novel by T.T. Monday 
Johnny Adcock is a relief pitcher for the San Jose Bay Dogs baseball team. To fund his retirement, he begins moonlighting as a private investigator for his teammates.

Good Grief : A Novel by Lolly Winston
36-year old Sophie Stanton leads a high-pressure Silicon Valley life in San Jose. But after she loses her husband to cancer, she seeks out a change of scenery in Ashland, Oregon.

Also available on audio CD and in large print.

Dot Dead: A Silicon Valley Mystery by Keith Raffel
A Silicon Valley executive comes home to find his cleaning lady stabbed to death in his apartment. He's never actually met her, but the Palo Alto police believe they have evidence that suggests an affair.

Also available as an ebook.

What We Are by Peter Nathaniel Malae
28-year-old Samoan-American Paul Tusifale drifts in and out of society in San Jose and tries to find his purpose in defending the downtrodden.

The Unknowns: A Novel by Gabriel Roth
An awkward young computer geek turned Silicon Valley millionarie falls for a journalist with a dark secret in her past.

Also available as an ebook.

Browse the catalog for more books set in the Silicon Valley.

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