Bikes, Food, Pokemon & More at VivaCalleSJ!

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Run, Walk, Board, or Bike to VivaCalleSJ!

Next weekend on Sunday, September 17, 2017, will be the return of VivaCalleSJ for another year of street fair fun! This is a free program temporarily closes miles of San Jose streets to bring communities together to walk, bike, skate, play, and explore the city like never before. This event will cover six miles of streets, through some of San Jose's most iconic neighborhoods for people to come out and play for the day. This year, 100,000 people are expected to attend!

What is VivaCalle?

VivaCalleSJ (pronounced Vee-Va Ka-Ye SJ) is inspired by similar Open Streets programs hosted in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Portland; Guadalajara, Mexico; and other cities around the world. The name combines the Spanish “Viva Calles,” which can mean both “the streets live” and “long live the streets.”

Allowing only non-motorized transportation, Viva CalleSJ encourages exploration of City neighborhoods, promotes social integration, and physical activity while directly reducing carbon emissions.

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The Route

Locations include: Japantown, St. James Park, Mexican Heritage Plaza, and Lake Cunningham Park. The hubs include free water stations, bike repair services, live entertainment, food trucks and local vendors.

With no start or finish to the route, participants can choose their beginning and end points to discover new places and have new experiences. Learn more about the event, parking/public transit, and safety tips at

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SJPL and Maker[Space]Ship

Stop by the Dr. Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Library Branch, part of the Vive Calle Alum Rock Village Hub stop along the Vive Calle Route. We will have family-friendly games and crafts for you and your bike! Activities include: storytime, a game area (basketball hoop, ping pong, and giant jenga,) sidewalk chalk and bubbles, bike license plate craft, and more! We hope to see you there!

Our Maker[Space]Ship will also be located at Alum Rock Library during this year's Viva Calle event, come check out what's inside!


Pokemon GO Official Event

Stock up on extra pokeballs and charge your phone, because Pokemon Go/Nianitic has partnered with VivaCalleSJ! Rare and hard to find Pokémon like Pikachu, Squirtle, Chamander, Bulbasaur, Chikorta, Totodile, Cyndaquil, Larvitar, and Lapras will spawn at an increased rate along the route the day of the event. New Pokestops and gyms will be added. There will also be exciting challenge created especially for Viva CalleSJ. Look for staff dressed in Pokémon gear along the route for information on how you can enter a chance to win a behind the scenes VIP tour of Niantic HQ in San Francisco!

the pokemon squirtle, blubasaur and charmander

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