Becoming a Professional Dancer

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Leaping dancer

“So, you think you can dance?”

We bet you know you can dance. However, you hear so many struggle-stories of dancers trying to make it, along with the nagging voices of naysayers saying “Stop dreaming,” you may think, So, what if I can dance?

Our second Teen Career Panel series speaker, Aletia Egipciaco, can dance and she made her dancing dreams a reality. This is her story.


Dance Studio
Dance studio

Aletia has over 20 years of dance experience consisting of teaching, performing, choreographing, and competing with students.

She directs her own dance company, which focuses on providing dance services in partner dance genres such as Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, and Argentine Tango.

Tango dancers
Tango dancers

Her specialization in Argentine Tango has provided her with the opportunity to train with world-renowned Tango maestros. She strives to pass along the knowledge imparted onto her to others.

Aletia Egipciaco
Aletia Egipciaco

Aletia has a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from San Francisco State University, MBA from California State University Monterey Bay. She has recently been accepted to Lesley University’s Dance/Movement Therapy graduate program; her passion for the performing arts and witnessing its therapeutic and transformative effects firsthand has inspired her to continue her dance education through a therapeutic channel.


Register now to hear her talk on Saturday, April 3, 2021 from 12:00 - 1:00 PM. Hear her story and be ready to ask her advice on how to turn your passion for dance into a lifetime career. Zoom link for the talk will be sent out the morning of the presentation. Registration ends 4 hours before the start of the program.

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