Bear Advice - Poetry Month

Al & Sam are back for National Poetry Month!

Al & Sam excercising their hashtag Right to Library by choosing an Emergency Pocket Poem in the California Room

Make sure to drop by the California Room to view the Lost Poets Exhibit. Discover the long-lost poems and poets of pre-1915 California. The rare books will be on display for a limited time, so hurry on over!

Emergency Pocket Poem Card. Many uses for genuine verses.

While you are there, pick up an Emergency Pocket Poem. Don't be caught without one on April 27, 2017 - Poem in your Pocket Day!

Al and Sam wearing their "Ask Me About My Poem" badges in the California Room.

Al & Sam's Top Ten Pocket Poem Uses

  1. Quickly change topics
  2. Increase your suaveness
  3. Make a sweet first impressions
  4. Fill an awkward pause
  5. Initiate a conversation
  6. Cultured & classy distractions
  7. Infect others with a love for poetry
  8. Woo a potential partner
  9. Rekindle a run-down romance
  10. Swagaliciousness (*ahem* not a real word...)

Utilize these resources through the library or online!


Anthology of Really Important Modern PoetryCover of "Poems. Series I - III" by Emily Dickinson featuring a black and white photograph of Emily Dickinson sitting, posed with her right elbow on a table with a book.

Check Out in Person

The Road Not TakenComplete Poetry of Edgar Allan PoeLove Poems from Spain & Spanish America

Poetry for Children

From Daybreak to Good NightThe Days Gone ByWe Love Bugs

eLearning Resources

Digital Collections

Al & Sam help organize poetry books behind the scenes.
Al and Sam with stack of poetry books

Outside Resources

Al & Sam working on a poetry packet.
Al and Sam working on a Shel Silverstein Poetry Packet

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