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Are Library Fines Getting You Down? Then Just Volunteer!

Young man volunteering at the Hillview Library

If you're an avid library user, library fines are inevitable. At some point in your life, that book or DVD will slide under a car seat to be found days (possibly months) after its return date. If you have ever faced a similar situation, know that you can reduce (or even eliminate) your fines through volunteer service. Simply sign up to become an ongoing volunteer or take part in any of our Volunteer Away Your Fines opportunities.

Reasons to Volunteer with us

  • Connect with others in your community.
  • Support your local Library and improve their services.
  • Share your skills/talents with your community.
  • Gain professional experience which can be pivotal when applying for college or a new job.
  • Inspire others in becoming engaged in civic responsibilities.
  • Receive physical and mental benefits such as stress reduction, personal growth, self-esteem, and a feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie.

Opportunities to Volunteer Away Your Fines Available at All Branch Locations

If you're interested in volunteering on a one-time basis to simply clear your fines, then Volunteer Away Your Fines is perfect for you. Each San José Public Library hosts numerous volunteer events each month. Patrons who wish to clear their fines will have the opportunity to assist with branch programs, library events, and help to maintain the clean and welcoming environment of our facilities.

If you don't see an upcoming Volunteer Away Your Fines at the branch nearest to you, simply speak with branch staff to determine if there is an opportunity in the works.

Volunteers under the age of 15 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Volunteers are required to complete the full duration of their volunteer shift and arrive 15 minutes early to update their library account information.

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