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Adventures Outside: Edenvale Garden Park

Edenvale Garden Park shaded seating area

The Park

Edenvale Garden park is a 19.5 acre park that has plenty of space for you and the whole family to enjoy. Located in South San Jose, Edenvale Garden park has just about everything you'll need to enjoy your next outdoor adventure. The park is equipped with plenty of shade for warm days, an interactive playground, half court for basketball and tennis courts! Don't forget to party! The park takes reservations for picnic sites and has BBQs for use.

The theme for this park is trains! Railroad track patterns can be found on the playground and a shaded seating area acts as the station. Get ready to say "choo choo" at the Edenvale Garden park. If you have an interest in trains take a look at library items on trains:

The History

Color image of the Frontier Village train station
Image: Postcard of Frontier Village Railroad Station. SJPL California Room, Frontier Village Collection, 1961-1980.

The Frontier Village amusement park was created in 1961 by Joe Zukin and Laurie Hollings. Zukin had the initial idea to create an amusement park after visiting Disneyland in Anaheim California. Hollings designed Frontier Village with a western, wild-west theme in mind. This theme was reflected in the rides, buildings, staff uniforms and costumed entertainers. Frontier Village had over a dozen rides including Petting Zoo Island and Rainbow Falls Fishing Pond.

Two gunslinger performers have a shoot out at the Frontier Village amusement park.
Image: Hourly Gunfight at Frontier Village. SJPL California Room, Frontier Village Collection, 1961-1980.

Entertainers such as Indian Jim, outlaws and marshals could be seen throughout the park greeting guests. Park goers may have been privy to a stick up by a wandering outlaw or watched a shootout in the western themed shopping center. After discussing expansion of the park with the Edenvale community, park owners decided to close its doors. The Frontier Village amusement park closed in September 1980 with many of its rides and attractions sold at auction. Today, the Edenvale Garden park sits on a small section of where Frontier Village once was.

To view more photographs of Frontier Village be sure to take a look at the San Jose Public Library, California Room's digital collection or read up on the history of Frontier Village in the California Room. Take a look at the available videos and sound recordings of the Frontier Village made available by California Revealed.

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Well done :) I remember going to Frontier Village as a kid and I had a friend who was a street artist there in the late 1970s.

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