Adam West: A Brief Filmography

Adam West passed away on June 9, 2017. Perhaps best known for his role as "Batman" in the television series of the 1960s, West also had an extensive career in film and voiceover work that can be seen on his official website and on Here are a few items from the San Jose Public Library's catalog that feature the actor as well.

Cover image for the DVD "Batman: The Caped Crusaders"DVD cover for "Meet the Robinsons"Cover for "The MisAdventures of Adam West"Cover image for "Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle"

  • Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders is an animated movie featuring West as the voice of Batman with Burt Ward, his co-star in the live-action series from the '60s, voicing Robin. The two heroes face off against some of their well-known enemies, Catwoman, the Joker, Penguin, and the Riddler.
  • Meet the Robinsons is a family film featuring West as the voice of Uncle Art. The film's themes include the creativity of invention and the message to believe in yourself.
  • The Misadventures of Adam West Omnibus is a comic that is available online through Hoopla or Ebsco. It is described as a "hip, whimsical, trans-dimensional epic of an adventure" that fans of the 1966 Batman series "will love." 
  • Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle is a nonfiction DVD examining how popular superheroes have evolved over time in the comic books they came from. West is among the subjects who are interviewed.

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#i like when he was on the new zorro and he plaayed a precursor to batman.

Zorro actually inspired Batman.So in a way,Batman originated in California.

Thanks for the info. I remember growing up and watching Batman and Robin on tv and how every time someone got hit they would have the words POW BAM etcetera.

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