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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day

Submitted by Leizel Case on Thu, 09/10/2020 - 8:00 AM
Cup of espresso surrounded by beans with a book in the background

Coffee is the best!  It is my favorite drink, and I can't start my day without it.  I especially love a good pourover from a cafe, but I also celebrate the start of pumpkin spice latte season.  For me, coffee is more than just a drink, getting a cup with friends and family is a way to catch up (although in 2020, those coffee breaks have been over Zoom). I know that there are millions of others who love coffee as much as I do.  In fact, coffee is so beloved, that in 2015 in Milan, Italy, International Coffee Day was launched.  It is a day to promote and celebrate the drink, as well as bring awareness to fair trade coffee and the plight of coffee growers.  International Coffee Day takes place on September 29th.

Take a look at these ways we can celebrate coffee!


Did you know that the word for coffee is similar all over the world?  You’ll find cà-phê in Vietnam, caffè in Italy, kōhī in Japan.  Find out more about the history of the word “coffee” from this article that traces the origin of the word back to 15th century Yemen.

You can learn how to order coffee (and so much more!) in other languages with our Learn a Language eResources.

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