2020 Library 2 Library Bicycle Loop Tour

Submitted by Michele Rowic on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 7:15 PM
Photograph of group of bicyclists outside Mountain View Public Library

2020 Bicycle Tour: January 18, 9:30 AM

Join the libraries in your community for the 2020 Library 2 Library Bicycle Loop Tour on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 9:30 AM.

The following libraries have teamed up to present this community event:


Register online at Eventbrite: https://library2librarybiketour2020.eventbrite.com

Ride Details

  • Meeting Location: Bascom Branch Library at 1000 South Bascom Avenue
  • Length: Approximately 30 miles
  • Route Map: Map available on MapMyRide 
  • Participants: Everyone who is powering a bicycle must be a competent rider, able to ride in a straight line and keep 5-10 miles per hours pace for 30 miles
  • Pace: The Tour is ridden at a casual, leisurely pace and we stay together as a group
  • CA Helmet Law: Persons under age 18 must wear a helmet
  • NOTE: The bicycle tour will not be held in the event of inclement weather. In the event of cancelation, notification will be posted on library website and registered participants will be contacted via email.

Tentative Schedule

  • 9:00 AM Check-in begins at Bascom Branch
  • 9:30 AM Bicycle safety talk
  • 9:45 AM Depart Bascom Branch
  • 10:15 AM Arrive Santa Clara City Mission Branch Library
  • 11:45 AM Arrive Mountain View Public Library
  • 12:35 PM Arrive Woodland Branch Library
  • 1:25 PM Arrive Cupertino Library
  • 2:30 PM Arrive Bascom Branch Library
  • 2:45 PM Finish

Library stops will include library tours, snacks and activities.

Stuff to Bring

In addition to having a bicycle in good working condition, please bring your own following items for a more comfortable and safer ride:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Bike helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Layers and/or weather-appropriate clothing

Social Media

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Why Bicycle Library Tours?

The Library 2 Library Bicycle Loop Tour is a fun tour for library lovers and bicycle enthusiasts. With the growing momentum of bicycle awareness, advocacy and infrastructure in the Silicon Valley are, libraries are pursuing innovative bicycle-related services and programming. Hosting library bicycle tours increases the visibility of our libraries and gets librarians out into the community.

Library bicycle tours appeal to a broad demographic including young adults, adults and families. They bring people of all ages together and highlight the importance and significance of the library's role in the community and in bringing people together. Additionally, library bicycle tours get people of all ages out of cars and moving, showing that bicycling is a viable means of transportation to the library and everyday use.


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i dont see Sunnyvale library on this tour itinerary, and it's my local library!
Plus it's strategically placed between Santa Clara Mission Branch and Mountain View Library.
Would provide good breakpoint for riders.
Maybe Sunnyvale library officials are ashamed that we dont have a state of the art library!
But it's so user friendly & does a real good job in providing for our community.
We are proud of it!

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Thank you for checking out the 2020 Library2Library Bicycle Loop Tour. We are excited to tour our South Bay libraries and travel between them on bicycles. Yes, this 2020 January Tour does not include Sunnyvale Public Library as an official stop on the Tour. This is the fifth year we are touring South Bay libraries on bicycle. Sunnyvale has participated the previous four years. We have had a great time touring Sunnyvale Public and cycling with many Sunnyvale Public Library participants. The Sunnyvale participants are all very proud of their Library and love sharing Sunnyvale Public events with other bicycle riders. The 2020 January route is being finalized and it looks like we will be cycling past Sunnyvale Public. We may end up stopping by to regroup, fill water bottles and use the bathroom. We plan on hosting more Library2Library events in future and perhaps Sunnyvale will be an official stop in future. Thank you again and we hope to see you on the Tour.

Submitted by Liana Crabtree on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 12:39 PM


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I spotted a flyer for the 2020 Library-to-Library Bicycle Tour while visiting the City of Mountain View Library today, which is my first notice of the event. Thank You to the San José Public Library for organizing the bicycle tour—what a great idea!

In Cupertino, where I live, library patrons are encouraged to walk, scooter, skateboard, travel by community shuttle or VTA bus, and yes, ride bicycles as preferred means for traveling to the library whenever possible.

Unfortunately, we have also seen an uptick in bicycle thefts for bicycles parked in front of our local library.

Anecdotal audits of bicycle parking in the past 2 months have revealed many bicycles parked near the library that are not locked at all or are not locked securely.

I see the itinerary for the 2020 Library Bicycle Tour will include a safety talk (Yay!); is there also an opportunity to give demonstrations about how to lock a bike securely? Or, are any groups planning to distribute flyers with information about how riders can reduce the likelihood that their bikes will be stolen (“how to lock” diagrams, hints, and tips)?

Also, is there an email contact for follow-up questions about the 2020 bicycle tour?

Thank you.

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Thank you for taking notice of the Library2Library Bicycle Loop Tour. It is coming soon, in less than two weeks!

The inaugural 2014 Libary2Library Tour was inspired by a librarian from the Santa Clara City Library and we’ve kept the wheels spinning ever since.

Ugghh! You mentioned something we never like hearing about at libraries, bicycle theft. Yes, this happens. This is incredibly unfortunate. At San Jose, many of our libraries, in partnership with the City’s Department of Transportation (DOT), have bike lockers (https://www.sjpl.org/bike-lockers). And Library staff may request bicycle hang tags from the City’s DOT demonstrating how to properly lock a bicycle (never use a cable lock by itself, it is easy to cut). Some San Jose Public Library branches also loan high quality u-locks for short-term, day use.

Cupertino’s Public Works Department has an informative web page summarizing a variety of bicycle safety and security points. Perhaps you can raise awareness of bicycle theft at libraries to Cupertino’s Public Works and advocate for lockers, hang tags and loaner u-locks.

If you have additional questions about the Library2Library event, you may use this forum, contact the event coordinator via the Eventbrite sign-up page (scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Contact” button) or use the Library’s “Contact Us” page (https://www.sjpl.org/contact).

Happy Trails and here’s to a year of biking everywhere!

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Thank you for your interest in the Library2Library Bicycle Loop Tour. The cycling portion of the Tour is in English (route map, sign-ups, turn-by-turn directions, etc.) and the tours of the libraries we visit are conducted in English. However, library staff at the libraries we visit may be bilingual and able to share information in another language. This is not something we have explored in previous tours, but something to consider in future. Thank you for your inquiry and we hope to see you on the Tour!

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