2019 Reading Challenge: Are You Ready?

2019 is just a hop, skip and a jump away. Its a chance to press the reset button your TBR pile and make a fresh start on your next year's reading journey. Whether you read fiction, non-fiction, listen to audiobooks, or spend your days flipping through picture books, there is a reading challenge for you!

Challenge 1: Modern Mrs. Darcy

Pick and choose your books to fit ten distinct fields. Can you find one book that fits all 10?

Challenge 2: Popsugar

For a more challenging reading checklist, try Popsugar's 50 prompts of books to read. The 5th annual list includes their standard 40 prompts + 10 advanced fields.

screenshot of The 2019 Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge website, featuring a checklist of prompts and a woman sitting and readingReading Challenge 2019

If these two challenges don't fit your need, then make sure to check out this Master List of 2019 Reading Challenges, featuring over 40 reading challenges spanning a diverse set of genres, countries, time spans and timelines.

You picked your challenge. Now what?

Pick and choose through our web sources to find your next great, mediocore or so-so read! Keep an eye on our blog for more recommended titles and make sure to drop by your local library for more selections.


Library books on a row of shelves with sun shining in.


iPhone stacked on an iPad, which is stacked on a MacBook, resting on a nice wooden surface with a coffee cup in the background.

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