2-Step Fine Forgiveness Program

2-Step Fine Forgiveness Program

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2-Step Fine Forgiveness

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2-Step Fine Forgiveness

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Salsa the Late Fees Away

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2-Step – Kids Edition

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Take Advantage of Our FIRST-EVER "2-Step Fine Forgiveness Program" May 1-31, 2017

It only takes 2-steps to have your late fees waived:

The 2-Step Fine Forgiveness Program can only be used for overdue items returned during the month of May. However, you can take advantage of other programs to help you reduce or even eliminate your current fines, such as our Volunteer Away Your Fines Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Show us how you 2-step for a chance to receive SJPL gear!

Tag your pictures on social media, using hashtags #SJPL2Step #FineForgiveness, for a chance to win:

#Right to Library bag, shirt, stickers, and other library gear.


if you had an old fine from over 10years ago and didn't realize it, that shold cout as eligible as long as you didn't forget any books since then

Hi - The 2-Step Fine forgiveness program will only clear fines on any overdue items returned during the month of May. If you currently have fines on your account for items already returned, you can clear those by participating in our Volunteer Away Your Fines program - www.sjpl.org/vayf.

Thank you for this chance to clear my fines.

How Kool is this !?!! I LOVE ❤️ my Libraries. and, especially SARAH GODDESS

Doesn't seem to gIr for those that have to be volunteering to reduce their fines. Especially when they never should have been find to begin with. Reason I do morning visit my local library anymore.

I've been waiting with a hold on a popular item due last month. Now whoever has it has no motivation to return the item until May 31 and I'm completely stuck. This program rewards the irresponsible and makes me feel like a chump for following the rules.

Should have included already returned items also. Big mistake. Or is it because u want property back???? Hummm???

Disappointed that this doesn't help my grand girlies who have hundreds of $$ of fines due to the negligence of their father, who is no longer living here. What are they supposed to do?? They're 9 and 10 and can't use the library. I mean, seriously. What do they do??

Hi Cindy, Your granddaughters can participate in our Read Away Your Fines program, which also kicked off on May 1. The program allows children and teens to receive a $5 credit for every 15 minutes they spend reading in the library. You can visit any of our 24 locations to participate. For more info, visit www.sjpl.org/rayf.

This is a good idea more than it sounds.As long as they are actually readiing this is great. it os a great way for kids to learn manners when in a library.They can learn reading is more profitable than yelling, screaming and overall being a jerk.^

They need to make sure they follow rules.No fair getting credit if they misbehave or disruptive.They should challenge their mind.If they don't use their library voice or not sit down the time should start over.

someone said that a employee said if they are at story time that counts, but I thunk i tgoes too far because babies and toddlers couldn't care less about fines; it is the parent's responsibility.I doubt babies have jobs so they can pay it themselves

I read in the paper about a year ago that fees for over due or late items automatically get waived if they are overdue for more than 4 years; does this no longer apply?

Happy until...'items must be returned in May only to forgive any accrued fines.' Huh?! Dissapointed.

I want to sincerely thank you for this program. I came down seriously ill and my family was organized around supporting me and hospital visits. We had a huge fine for the 6 young children's books by the time we realized it...$147.00. We were willing to take our lumps, but amidst everything else, finding out about the amnesty program was truly a godsend. Thank you so much. You never know what someone is dealing with and this truly blessed us.

I wish SJPL would adopt what the Santa Clara County library system does and not charge daily fines for children's overdue items. It's such a great system! From the Santa Clara Co. Library website: "There are no daily fines for children's materials. However, if an item is overdue more than 6 weeks, it is considered lost, and a non-refundable lost processing fee is charged plus the cost of the item. Once marked as lost at 6 weeks overdue, the $10 lost fee is automatically assessed even if the item is later returned."

I think this is a good pogrom. it made people feell they have a second chase.I think a lot of people will be too happy. if you have a frend who gets a flooded, say your books were at there house.You will no has to pay. I think the San Jose library has a lot of mony and good it is too donat back to the burrowers of the books, God bleessed you okay.

Fine waived for four year old book. The book was taken in a backpack that was stolen. I told them this but no forgiveness. Finally they waived the book but not the fines. It sure would be nice if they would waive the fines.20

What if I cannot return the item? I been searching for a kids CD and nowhere to be found. can I still volunteer to clear some of the late fees?

Could I buy amother exactly the same one to replace maybe? There's no way to get it back unfortunately my laptop was stolen and that's where the CD was. I never even got to listen to it.

A customer was asking about this.

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