Volunteer Spotlight - Leena Vadehra

Leena Vadehra at the Vineland Branch

Introducing Leena Vadehra

Leena Vadehra is a very valuable volunteer for Vineland Library. She started reading to children in 2016, and through her years of reading and listening to children she has a steady number of followers, plus new children who get to know her every Thursday afternoon. She is a very gentle and kind lady, and our staff like her a lot.

Submitted by Librarian, Yassaman Jalali from the Vineland Branch Library

A Chat with Leena

As a child... I loved to play ball, cricket, hide and seek, climbing trees. I guess I was a bit of a tomboy!

My first job... was as a college professor.

My fondest memory is... sitting on a tree, watching the sky and the birds.

I am most proud of... my children.

My biggest challenge... is patience.

My role model... was my mother.

My community... is filled with my friends.

Libraries are... a wonderful place to read and relax. Like a treasure hunt for knowledge.

My favorite book is... Tess by Hardy, and Gone with the Wind and many more.

I volunteer... at the Library and at my Temple, and would like to volunteer at an animal shelter.

If I wasn't volunteering... I'd be painting.

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