Volunteer Spotlight - Eros Garcia

Eros Garcia wearing a backpack and wearing a SF Giants cap.

Introducing Eros Garcia

Eros is an exemplary teen volunteer who continuously demonstrates why he is an asset during programs at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. He is incredibly dependable, personable, and always eager to help. His ability to communicate with our Spanish speaking library users really made him an asset to the Friday Fun program, where he helps with arts & crafts and serves popcorn and lemonade to children during movies at the library.

"My community is very important to me. I appreciate what others do for me to enjoy my environment, and that's why I enjoy giving back and volunteering."

Eros really makes a difference when our customers need additional help at library programs. He is a role model for the children who come to these programs, as they envision themselves one day being a teen volunteer with the library. Eros has always been kind and supportive - and a true pleasure to work with. As an elder brother with a younger sister at home, Eros is comfortable interacting with and helping kids with all the activities we have offered during Friday Fun at 4PM in the Children's Room. 

Eros is a very responsible young man. He always completes the tasks required of him in a timely manner and he is able to understand and follow instructions easily. When he was unable to volunteer due to family vacations or school responsibilities, he has always made sure to tell us in advance. Eros has a positive attitude, uses his time wisely and gets along well with others. He would be an asset to any organization who has the good fortune to work with him.

Submitted by Children's Librarian, Bridget Kowalczyk from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

A Chat with Eros 

How long did you volunteer with SJPL? I have volunteered at the San José Public Library for 19 months.

Doing what? My first summer, I volunteered with the Summer Reading Program, later I started volunteering at the King Library at Friday Fun.

As a child... I was a big bookworm, I loved to read and my mom and I made many trips to the library.

My first volunteer job... was with the Santa Teresa Library, helping with the Summer Reading Program.

My fondest memory from volunteering... is at the King library, when the Friday Fun kids would be excited to see me again for another week.

I am most proud of... my school accomplishments, and being a good role model for my little sister.

My biggest challenge... when I started volunteering because I had to learn to talk to the  public. Sometimes, I can be shy, and volunteering put me into positions where I had to talk to adults and provide information to the kids in my program and their parents.

My role model... would definitely be my mom, because she is one of the strongest people I know, and she has gone through so much to make sure I am happy and living the best life I can live.

Libraries are... a fun place where different people of different ages can meet, do activities, and hang out. It can also be a quiet place to read a book you just found that you find interesting, and also a great place for homework.

My favorite song is... Thriller by Michael Jackson because I enjoy the beat.

I volunteer because... it's a great way to spend time. I am able to learn many new things, and I get to meet new people, and I have an opportunity to play an important role in someone's life.

If I wasn't volunteering... I'd be most likely sleeping and playing video games.


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