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Volunteering at the library is a great way to use your talents, provide valuable service to the community, learn new skills and meet great people.  Our current opportunities are listed on the right. Just click on the link to learn more about the position or click on the green button to see all opportunties available with San Jose Public Library.

Congratulations to SJPL's 2014 Volunteers Of the Year!

Every year, each of our twenty-five branches and units selects its Volunteer of the Year.  From these nominees one volunteer is selected for system wide recognition as San José Public Library’s Volunteer of the Year.  

This year, we had a tie for the top honor!  We congratulate Partners in Reading’s Doris Carson and the Seven Trees Reading Buddies who share the award for 2014.

Doris Carson Partners in Reading

For over twelve years, Doris has faithfully tutored adult learners for at least three hours per week. Doris inspires her learners with creative, meticulously thought out lessons. She is determined to do her utmost to help her learners learn in ways that are beneficial and is always willing to try new teaching techniques. In her twelve year history with PAR, Doris has encouraged, empowered, and dramatically enhanced the lives of her learners.

Seven Trees Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies is a group of five teens who volunteer twice a month at the Seven Trees branch to read one-on-one with children.  The teens set up and run the program, applying strategies to promote literacy.  They help the children sound out words and learn new vocabulary.  They also ask the children questions as they read to promote reading comprehension and critical thinking.  The children of the Seven Trees community benefit greatly from an opportunity to enjoy reading in a safe and supportive environment.


San José Public Library salutes all of the Volunteers of the Year who have made such positive contributions to our community.  We are truly grateful that you choose to volunteer with the library!​


Almaden Branch—Stephanie Kaas

As a retired preschool teacher, Stephanie has been dedicated to the Reading to Children and the Inclusive Storytime programs since July, 2011. With her expertise, she knows what the children enjoy, and reads to them three times a week. Many of the children attending Stephanie’s programs are regular customers!


Alviso Branch—Anil Mangla

By teaching two yoga classes a week at Alviso Library, Anil is very dedicated to his students. He demonstrates patience, sensitivity, and concern.  He is very solicitous of everyone’s health and works to promote their well-being.



Alum Rock—Mahboobeh (Mah) Heidaran

Mah is an integral part of the Alum Rock Friends of the Library Program, having generously given over 500 hours of her time since April, 2013. As a lover of libraries and learning, she sorts through book donations and discards, and goes the extra distance to help tidy the library. She has a passion both for helping people and libraries, and many people have complimented her efforts.

Bascom Ave—Bertrand Teplitxky

Intending to teach English as a Second Language in the Peace Corps in the future, Bertrand leads the ESL Conversation Club to prepare himself for this adventure. He believes that the ESL program helps people coming to this country integrate easier into society. He has taught at both the high school and college-level, and has a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that the students come out of the class having learned something new.


Berryessa—The Wilson Group
Comprised of Stacey Santos, Celeste Ngo, Thao Vu, Andrew Schmitt and Galina Griffy, The Wilson Post Secondary Program is part of the Santa Clara Unified School District. This terrific group helps with media shelving at the library. By contributing their time and effort they have enabled us to keep the commitment to make checked-in media available to our library customers in a timely and orderly manner.


Biblioteca Latinoamericana—Teresa Padilla

Teresa has had a positive impact on Biblioteca’s users with over 85 hours of volunteer service.  She helps with the Summer Reading Program, the Read-a-Thon, and is the President of the teensReach group. She has initiated several fundraising efforts that raised money to provide lunch for two downtown walking field trips and the Mother’s Day program.


Calabazas Branch—Cristina Teplitxky

A long-time SJPL volunteer, Cristina facilitates the ESL Conversation Club at the Calabazas Branch. Attendees are treated to a lively session of conversation, English grammar insights, and fellowship all within an atmosphere of welcoming acceptance. The Conversation Club’s joyful demeanor directly reflects Cristina’s personality and sense of humor.


Cambrian Branch—Kathleen Betando

Kathleen has helped with library services and special programs for over four years. She is tremendously dedicated and her smiling face and pleasant personality make her a joy to work with.


East Branch—Margaret Fitch

A retired librarian, Margaret Fitch has been volunteering for many years with the Friends of East Branch organizing book sales, raising funds for library program supplies, and co-sponsoring special programs for library patrons. She also provides community service opportunities for teens and other volunteers through book sale setups and cleanups.


Edenvale Branch—Clarisse McMulien

As the facilitator for the ESL Conversation club, Clarisse is knowledgeable, organized and patient with adults, enabling them to improve their conversation skills in English. Pleasant and approachable, she builds a rapport with the students in the club and is courteous to customers and staff.


Educational Park—Educational Park teensReach

The members of the Educational Park teensReach worked hard to create new activities for the library and develop programs that have attracted dozens of teens. With their assistance, one of the newest teensReach groups at SJPL became one of the best organized, most dedicated, and most active. 


Evergreen Branch—Matthew Giordono

A volunteer for three years, Matthew is responsible for shelving media items and assists in the training of new volunteers. He is known to put on his crowd patrol cap and help make order out of chaos! Matthew’s enthusiasm, positive energy, and customer-friendly attitude are greatly appreciated by all.



Hillview Branch—Ann M. Rogers-Brigham

Ann started Hillview’s ESL Conversation class from scratch and her friendly manner and teaching experience made her one of the shining stars of the branch’s Saturday programming. Ann helps her group feel at ease to share their experiences and learn in a non-intimidating environment. Many of her students have expressed their thanks for the life-changing strides of improved fluency because of her service.


Joyce Ellington and King Library Youth Services—Amy Truter

Amy started as a homework coach in 2012 and is now a homework club coordinator for the Tuesday homework club at the King Library. She has a wonderful rapport with the other volunteers and effectively encourages children to get their homework done!  In addition, Amy reads to children weekly at the Joyce Ellington Branch Library and enriches their lives with stories and conversation.


King Library Youth Services—Vinson Lu

Vinson is involved in the Summer Reading Celebration and Kick-Off events and is also a teensReach member and library services volunteer. Vinson is very willing to do special projects and is always there for Friday Fun programs. He is a respectful and reliable volunteer, making him a role model for other teen volunteers.  Vincent has been volunteering since 2011 and has accrued over 400 hours of service!


King Library Reference - Evergreen Adult Development Center

The volunteer brigade from the Evergreen Adult Development Center have faithfully attended to the King Library once a week since May of 2012. With elbow grease and clean cloths in hand they have given the third floor the once over, dusting every single shelf in the room. The King Library thanks them for their cheerful commitment to the beautification of the library and the elimination of dust from the third floor books and shelves!


Pearl Avenue—Kitty Lee and Lorene Thornberry

Kitty and Lorene teach the line dancing program at Pearl Avenue. Kitty started the program and Lorene joined later. The two work well together and have a large, loyal group of followers. New students continue to join their group.



Rose Garden—Mary Wall

Mary has been instrumental in bringing Rose Garden's ESL Conversation Club back to life. She is reliable and committed to the program. She has attempted to recruit others in her own circle of contacts to provide one-on-one practice for her students. She has gone “beyond the call of duty” in her service.


Santa Teresa—Julie Lincoln

Julie has volunteered in Library Services since January of 2013 and has become a valuable member of the library’s team. She does shelf reading and merchandising, assists with training other volunteers and other special projects. Her previous experience in a high school library has benefited the Santa Teresa Branch. Her knowledge of library procedures allows Julie to undertake any task of project, no matter what the size. The enthusiasm and commitment Julie shows each week is reflected in the quality of her work.


Tully Branch—Ngoc Lien

Ngoc Lien is one of the Tully Branch’s most committed volunteers. She works as a teensReach volunteer three to four times a week, leads the homework club, and assists with a variety of programs. She regularly volunteers at seasonal programs such as the Lunar New Year, Halloween, and Moon festival celebrations, Doing everything from serving moon cakes to leading bingo games. Ngoc is a very active, dedicated, and reliable volunteer who continues to take on increasingly more responsibilities in her two years of service.


Vineland Branch—Linda Gillam

Linda is the president of the Friends of the Vineland Branch Library, and started volunteering just after Vineland opened ten years ago. Initially she volunteered in Library Services and later became involved with the Friends. Linda makes sure that the book sales are successful, and has worked to shape the group into an efficient organization.



West Valley Branch—Doug and Trixie Johnson

Doug and Trixie Johnson are being honored for their many years of support and service as officers for the West Valley Friends of the Library. In addition to serving as Friends President, Trixie continues to advocate for library service throughout our city, currently playing a key role raising support and awareness for secure library funding. Doug joined Trixie on the Friends board where he ably serves as Treasurer. Both were instrumental in the successful re-launching of an active Friends of the Library organization at the nearby Calabazas branch. They are appreciated for their constant and active support of libraries throughout our city.

Willow Glen—Tracy Owen

As a Tech Mentor, Tracy comes in twice a week to provide one-on-one computer assistance. She is very dedicated to helping others and usually stays longer than her shift to assist someone who may need special help. She is kind, patient, and very approachable and is well liked by customers and library staff. Tracy’s contributions have helped enrich the lives of many in the Willow Glen community.

Volunteer News

Friends of the East San Jose Carnegié Branch Library Book Sale

Book Sale ImageFind treasures and good reads at the Friends of the East San Jose Carnegié Branch Library Book Sale on Saturday June 28, 2014 from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Gently used books and other items will be available in the Community Room at excellent prices!  All proceeds support programs at the East San José Carnegie Branch Library for children, teens and adults.


Volunteers are needed to help with setting up, assisting with book sale and cleaning up after the book sale. Book sale setup will take place on Friday, June 27th from 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm. Book sale clean up will take place on Saturday June 28, 2014 from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM. 


For more information or to volunteer at this booksale, please contact the East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library by phone at 1-408-808-3075 or by e-mail at eb.sjpl@sjlibrary.org.  You can also visit our VolunteerMatch posting

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Summer Reading Challenge Volunteer Opportunity at Biblioteca Latinoamericana

SRC RobotsAre you between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, and looking for fun volunteer opportunities?
If the answer is yes, you can learn to sign-up children, teens and adults for the Summer Reading Challenge, as well as award prizes, and help out at some library programs at the Biblioteca Latinoamericana.

The 2014 Summer Reading Challenge started on June 1st and ends on July 31st.

If you are interested in becoming a teen Summer Reading Challenge Volunteer at the Biblioteca Latinoamericana, please contact Peggy Elwell, at peg.elwell@sjlibrary.org.  You can also call her at 408-294-1237, or visit our VolunteerMatch posting.  

teensReach LogoTeensReach, a youth advisory group, is another exciting volunteer opportunity for teens ages 13-18.  If you are interested, please visit our teensReach page.

Summer Reading Challenge Volunteer Opportunity at the East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library

Summer Reading Challenge RobotsAre you between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, and looking for fun volunteer opportunities?
If the answer is yes, you can learn to sign-up children, teens and adults for the Summer Reading Challenge, as well as award prizes, and help out at some library programs at the East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library

The 2014 Summer Reading Challenge started on June 1st and ends on July 31st.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the East San Jose Carnegie Branch Library, please contact Adrian Barrientos, at adrian.barrientos@sjlibrary.org or Arturo Villasenor at arturo.villasenor@sjlibrary.org.  You can also call them at 1-408-808-3075, or visit our VolunteerMatch posting.  


teensReach logoTeensReach, a youth advisory group, is another exciting volunteer opportunity for teens ages 13-18.  If you are interested, please visit our teensReach page

If you don't see what you're looking for here, other volunteer opportunities in your community can be found on californialibraries.volunteermatch.org.

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