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Goliath by Scott Westerfeld

Cover of Goliath


Review written by volunteer Robert D.


The final book in Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan Trilogy is out!  Goliath picks up where the last book, Behemoth, left off.  Deryn and Alek have left Constantinople in the Leviathan, a British airship made from a genetically engineered whale with a weaponized ecosystem at the crew's command.  They begin making their way towards Russia, which is England's ally and one of the great Darwenist powers of Europe in this this alternate World War I setting.  In Russia, they meet a certain Clanker (technology-user) scientist who claims to have a weapon that will end all wars. 

For those who have read the first two books, picking this one up is a foregone conclusion.  For those who haven't yet checked out the now complete Leviathan Trilogy, do so!  Westerfeld has done a great job in adapting the events of World War I for this alternate universe.  For people interested in Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and Biopunk this is a great introductory novel!

The Iron Thorn

The Iron Thorn Book CoverAuthor Caitlin Kittredge created a very interesting world in her novel, The Iron Thorn. 15-year-old Aoife (pronounced "Ee-fah") Grayson is a mathematically gifted student at the prestigious School of Engines of Lovecraft Academy, in the steampunkish city of Lovecraft. One day, Aoife receives a mysterious letter from her brother Conrad. Worried about her brother's safety, Aoife enlists the help of her friend Cal, to try to find Conrad.


Part fantasy, part science fiction, part steampunk, part alternate history, this novel has many twists, turns and surprises. High school students, middle school students and even adults who like science fiction and fantasy are likely to enjoy The Iron Thorn. This book is available in print format and audio cd format.


To find out more about Caitlin Kittredge, please visit her website.