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Picture Books by Il Sung Na

In Cover of A Book of SleepA Book of Sleep, written and illustrated by Il Sung Na, a watchful owl observes many animals sleeping, and notices that different species of animals have different ways of sleeping. This sweet, simple story is beautifully illustrated in mixed media.  This would be a nice bedtime story for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. This book is also available in Spanish.    


Hide & Seek Book Cover


A variety of friendly wild animals play a game of hide and seek. Elephant closes his eyes, counts to ten, then looks for all the animals. Will he find his friends?   Read Hide and Seek and find out!  


Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit book cover



In Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: a Book of Changing Seasons, an observant rabbit watches other animals migrate, hibernate, or gather food during the winter.   This is a nice story for children interested in seasons.    This books is also available in ebook format through Axis 360