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Poems To Remember By

New Years Eve jpg  Treat yourself at the end of the year and listen to a poem, such as Al Young reading  "What December Remembers." I appreciate Al Young sharing with us his distillation of California experiences in verse by reading a poem a month all through 2012. His reflections lift me above my immediate concerns; his references comfort me with an intense identity with the people and the land of California.


Knowing time never returns, I try to remember my days by marking the natural rythms and wonders surrounding us. And the march of our days are better accented and appreciated by reading some poems. Among the numerous poetry sites, Poetry Foundation provides direct access to some seasonal poems and holiday poems that are good to explore (and listen to.)


There are volumes and volumes of poetry in the library collections awaiting you. If you would like to  sample poetry that’s rather timeless, then try to look up World poetry : an anthology of verse from antiquity to our time please.


It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2012 –

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
 And never brought to mind?"

A Bucket List for 2012

There are some doom-sayers who are claiming that the world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012.  Whether or not they are right, there are some other people who are taking it to heart in a joking way and creating a "bucket list" for 2012.  There's a facebook group if you'd like to join and I thought I'd share my own "bucket list" for 2012.


Cover of Al Capone Does My Shirts1.  Go to Alcatraz.  I've lived in the Bay area for 10 years now and I still haven't done the boat ride and tour of Alcatraz.  And before I go I need to read: Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko.  It is the story of a boy whose family moves to Alcatraz Island when his father gets a job as a guard there in 1935.




Cover of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom2.  Go to Disneyland.  I went when I was 2 years old and I hear I had a good time, but I frankly don't recall!  I have a lot of friends who still love to go to Disneyland as adults.  And before I go, I need to read: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow.  This one is a free ebook download so I can use my ereader...




Cover of Bobby Flay's Throwdown3.  Eat Cioppino.  This is apparently the most famous San Francisco Fish Dish.  I don't know what they're talking about because I've never tried it.  Bobby Flay did a Throwdown against Phil DiGirolamo from Phil's in Moss Landing for this dish and includes a recipe in his book: Bobby Flay's Throwdown.  There are a lot of restaurants who carry this dish so I don't think I'll have a problem here!



Cover to the Complete Bike Book4.  Bike the Coyote Creek Trail.  This trail is 18.7 miles in total so I might take it easy and do it in a couple of sessions.  But I'd be able to get a scenic view of a lot of San Jose!  But first, I need to fix my bike up - I think I'll need to check out the Complete Bike Book by Chris Sidwells. 




Cover to Newcomer's Handbook for Moving to and Living in the San Francisco Bay Area5.  Wow!  I'm running out of good ideas for my bucket list!  Time to check out Newcomer's Handbook for Moving to and Living in the San Francisco Bay Area by Scott Van Velsor! 


Maybe you'd like to join me in creating a "bucket list" this year instead of a resolution.  Come up with some fun activities and give yourself a reading list too!  Let me know how it goes and Happy New Year!

Lunar New Year Celebration

 Bringing in The New Year book cover

Did you know that 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit for the Chinese and the Year of the Cat for the Vietnamese? In the Chinese zodiac calendar, the cat is not among the 12 zodiac animals. Have I tickled your curious bone? Want to find out more?  Come and join us on Saturday, February 5 from 1-3 PM for a fun-filled celebration of Lunar New Year at Tully Library! We will have puppet show, featuring the Story of the Chinese Zodiac = Mười hai con giáp, crafts, games, Open Mic for the children, Vietnamese calligraphy word art giveaway, light refreshments and lion dance.


This program is sponsored by Friends of the Tully Library, teensReach, Cung Tam Thu Phap & the Vietnamese American Woman Volunteer Association of Northern California.


Cung Chúc Tân Xuân! 

Để các em biết thêm về phong tục Tết, xin mời quý phụ huynh và  các em đến tham dự đông đủ Thứ Bảy, Ngày 5 Tháng 2 vào lúc 1:00 đến 3:00 giờ trưa.  Chúng ta sẽ có múa rối, làm thủ công, trò chơi Tết, ca hát cho nhau nghe, thưởng thức bánh mứt và đặc biệt năm nay, chúng ta sẽ có Ông Đồ của Cung Tâm Thư Pháp vẽ chữ mừng xuân, chúc phúc cho mọi nhà.  Phần múa lân sẽ do Hội Phụ Nữ Thiện Nguyện Bắc Cali phụ trách.