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Celebrate Children!

All the Colors of the Earth book coverAll the Colors of the Earth, written and illustrated by Sheila Hamanaka
This book shows paintings of happy children with a variety of skin and hair colors.  This book is also available in eAudiobook format through Overdrive.


Bein' with You This Way book coverBein' With You This Way, written by W. Nikola-Lisa, and illustrated by Michael Bryant
Several children from different backgrounds have a fun time at the park.    This book is also available in Spanish book format and Spanish Kit CD format.


Being Friends Book CoverBeing Friends, written by Karen Beaumont, and illustrated by Joy Allen
Two young girls have some similar interests and some different interests.  They are very good friends, and love to spend time together.


The Colors of Us book coverThe Colors of Us, written and illustrated by Karen Katz
Lena, the young daughter of an artist, has many friends and neighbors, each with differen skin and hair colors.


The Colors of UsI Love My Hair!, written by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley, and illustrated by E.B. Lewis
A young girl named Keyana loves her hair, because she can wear it in a variety of styles created by her skillful and loving Mom.


This is the Way We Eat Our Lunch, written by Edith Baer, and illustrated by Steve Björkman     
Children all over the world enjoy a variety of foods for lunch with their families and friends.   This book includes three recipes as well as a glossary of different types of food.  


Whoever You Are book coverWhoever You Are, written by Mem Fox, and illustrated by Leslie Staub  
This book shows that children all over the world have many similarities, including loving their families, having emotions, and thinking about the future.    This book is also available in Spanish


Yo! Yes? book coverYo! Yes?, written and illustrated by Chris Raschka
Two boys meet and have a conversation using one word at a time.   This is a fun book for all children, including children learning how to read.   This is a Caldecott Honor book.

True (...Sort of) by Katherine Hannigan


Cover of True (...Sort of)

True (...Sort of) (AR 6.0, Level 3.4) by Katherine Hannigan, the author of Ida B, is about an unconventional character who doesn't know why she seems to get everyone angry.  Misunderstood, everyone keeps putting Delly down.  Finally, she decides that she will act out!


Brud is a terrible basketball player.  The problem is that he loves basketball!  How can he ever become good at the sport that he loves?


Then Ferris moves to town.  Delly befriends her because she does not speak; Ferris does not criticize her.  Brud befriends her because Ferris is an amazing basketball player and teacher.


If you are a person who doesn't quite fit in at school, you may find a friend in True (...Sort of) Though Ferris has her issues, she accepts her two new friends when no one else will help them.  And what is friendship if not for acceptance?  Enjoy this great book!

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

Cover of When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me (AR 6.0, Level 4.5) by Rebecca Stead is partially a tribute to Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time.  Stead's book won the Newbery Award in 2010.  If you like science fiction, mystery and historical fiction, you will enjoy this unique story.


It is 1979 and Miranda is helping her mother to prepare for her appearance on The $20,000 Pyramid quiz show.  Miranda, foundering after the loss of a friendship, finds new friends when she decides to work at the deli near her school.  Soon, she starts to find mysterious notes with information that could have only have come from the future. 


Miranda learns about racism, epilepsy, time travel, and friendship as she progresses through her sixth grade year.  Do you think she will be able to help the person she is supposed to help?  Read this and find out!

Friends Forever

Cover of Friends ForeverDivided into two chapters, this book is about friendship between Jefferson Bear and Figgy Twosocks.  Whenever Figgy needs help, Bear is always there.  When it's time for Bear to hibernate, Figgy feels lonely, so she builds a white snow bear to remind her of her friend Bear.  Along the way, she finds a new friend, Hoptail the squirrel.  When spring comes, her friend Bear reappears to play with her, so, in the end, she has two friends: a new one and the old one.

She has learned that sometimes an unhappy thing happens so that it can bring in a new happy thing.


Written by Sally Grindley, illustrated by Penny Dann.

What the Dog Said by Randi Reisfeld with HB Gilmour

What the Dog Said coverGrace is thirteen.  She’s become withdrawn since her Dad, a policeman, was killed in a drive-by shooting about a year ago.  Her sister, Regan, decides she needs Grace’s help with a project.  Regan wants early admission to what she considers the best college, and with their Mother’s approval  she drafts Grace to "help" her.  The scheme?   Adopt a shelter puppy and train it to become a service dog.  The last thing Grace wants to do is help Regan with anything.  She sees Regan adjusting to life without their father and Grace resents her. She feels that Regan is being disloyal to their Dad’s memory.


But here they are at the animal shelter looking at dogs in a totally chaotic setting, Grace can barely stand the noise, all the barking and scratching, when something strange happens – a dog talks to her!  Not a very cute dog, actually a gray-and-brown-mutt, an "…unkempt, prickly coated mutt…" (page 5).  Grace convinces Regan that Rex is the dog for them.  Sure he’s no longer a puppy, but he tells Grace that he’s smart and trainable and cheap!  As they leave the shelter with Rex she starts to think:  "My mom and sister thought my coming here would help me get back to normal.  Instead, I heard a dog talk.  I think that’s either irony or payback."  (page 9)


Is Grace really hearing Rex talk?  Together can they solve the mystery of her Dad’s shooting before Rex leaves Grace to become a companion to a needy little girl?  Can Rex help Grace to re-connect with her friends and get back to her “normal” life?


Randi Reisfeld and HB Gilmour are the co-authors of several books including the T*Witches series.    The two began work on What the Dog Said several months before HB Gilmour died.  Ms. Reisfeld completed this book in her honor. 

One Dog and His Boy by Eva Ibbotson

One Dog and His Boy coverHal’s parents believe he is living the perfect life for a young boy.  His parents are rich beyond belief, they give Hal everything he ever wants; at least they give him every toy or gadget or article of clothing he wants.  More things than he ever needs, more than he ever asks for, in fact.   In reality all Hal really ever wanted was a dog, and maybe a little more attention from his parents.


As his tenth birthday approaches Hal thinks about how many times he has asked for a dog.  His Mother feels that dogs are dirty and smelly.  Dogs need to be walked or they might make a puddle in her very perfect house.  You see there are no bugs and not even a little dust in the house.  And other than Hal, his Mother, his Father and the maids, who only come there to work, there is nothing alive in Hal’s house.  No mice, no bugs, no plants.  There weren’t even live flowers in the yard only raked gravel.  Why you might ask?  Well according to Hal’s Mother "…because flowers mean earth and mess" (page 2).


How do Hal and his dog finally find each other?  In Hal’s town there is a place called Easy Pets where you can rent a dog for any length of time.  Now I don’t think that renting a dog for a weekend is quite what Hal has in mind.  But that’s where our story of One Dog and His Boy begins. 


I’d recommend this book to all animal lovers.  Author Eva Ibbotson died on October 20, 2010, making this her last book.  All of her fans will miss her.  Please read and enjoy her final heart-warming book. 

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