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'Tis the Season to Bake!

'Tis the season to bake! From whopper cakes to massive puddings, children will enjoy these outrageous stories and recipes.


Cover of Whopper CakeWhopper Cake: It’s Grandma’s birthday and Grandpa has grand plans to bake a whopper chocolate cake. This is not any ordinary cake, it is a gigantic cake that takes ten bags of flour, 86 eggs and an oar to mix it all up. “Eureka!” Grandpa cries as he mixes all of the ingredients in the pickup bed of his old jalopy. Grandma and her neighbors are in for a treat!


Karma Wilson tells a rhyming and delightful story of an eccentric Grandpa who celebrates his wife’s birthday with an oversized surprise.  Will Hillenbrand’s colorful, ink and egg tempera illustrations enhance the exaggerated escapades, emphasizing the whopper mess Grandpa inevitably makes while preparing his surprise.


(Recipe for Whopper Cake included at the end of the book)


Cover of Wild Boars CookWild Boars Cook: Boris, Morris, Horace and Doris may not be the nicest, friendliest or neatest friends, but they know how to have a good time. The fabulously stinky and hungry wild boars are back and this time they are hungry. Their recipe for Massive Pudding calls for all sorts of zany ingredients including sugar, donuts, bananas and squid. Find out if they like their concoction and if it is enough to satisfy their hunger.


Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall team up again for another adventure with the wild boars. Their first book Meet Wild Boars was a huge success and Wild Boars Cook is a welcome follow-up. Rossoff humorously describes all of the destruction the boars leave in their wake as they crunch and munch their way through the house. Blackall’s ink and watercolor rendering turns these otherwise stinky, greedy and rude creatures into lovable characters.


(Recipe for Massive Cookie included at the end of the book) 

Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown

Second Grade Rules book coverSecond Grade Rules, Amber Brown by Paula Danzinger


Amber Brown is in second grade.  She is good with racing, and has no problem with following the second grade rules such as Always be respectful, Be on time, Do your own work, Never say "I can't", and Always say "I'll try."  Until one day, her teacher, Ms. Light adds a new rule "You have to keep your desks clean", then, Amber Brown starts to have real trouble.  Mrs. Light tells the class that the desk fairy Deskarina (cousin of the tooth fairy) will come to their classroom every once in a while; she will leave treats and a Clean Desk Award-a shiny blue ribbon-on all the neat desks.


After seeing that her classmates, one by one, all got an award from Deskarina, Amber decides to make efforts throwing things out, one thing every day. But then, she puts two more things in.  She is having real problem cleaning her desk.  Then her mom tells her to practice the cleaning job on her room.  Her mom says it would be a treat for mom if they could find the floor in that room sometimes.  Then Amber tries to work harder cleaning her desk during free time, and she keeps working at cleaning, until one day she figures out the best way to clean and organize her desk.  Finally, one day, when she gets to her classroom, she discovers that Deskarina left her a...treat and a...ribbon.  Amber Brown is so happy and so proud.


The conclusion of the book is funny because Amber Brown, after all, still has problem finding a space on her bulletin board in her room to put that ribbon...

A book of (not-so-scary) ghost stories


cover of The Haunted Hamburger by David LaRochelleSome kids enjoy scary stories before bedtime... but what do ghost kids consider to be a scary story? Find out in the hilarious new picture book by David LaRochelle, The Haunted Hamburger. There are actually three separate stories in the book which father ghost tells to his wide awake ghost kids in an effort to get them to go to sleep. 


The first tale, the Scary Baby, is all about ghostly Uncle Ned who flies about town trying to scare various people without any luck whatsoever. When he finally ends up in the bedroom of the scary baby, the baby’s crying is so awful that he decides to hide in an open drawer - big mistake - as (spoiler alert!) the baby’s mother comes in and mistakes Uncle Ned for a diaper! While this is truly a horrifying thought for the ghost children listening to the tale, human kids will definitely get a kick out of the illustration of poor Uncle Ned turned into a baby’s diaper.


Then there is the title story in which boastful cousin Nell somehow gets defeated by a hamburger in a race, solving math problems, and even in a scary face making contest. The full page illustration of the hamburger’s winning scary face: two green pickle eyes, scary yellow mustard mouth, and ketchup red cheeks is sure to get a laugh from non-ghost kids.


Lastly the tale of the Big Bad Granny... most frightening of all to the ghost children - where ghost Grandma comes up the stairs with a “Thump Thump Thump” to kiss ghost children all over the face with her red lipstick if they don’t go to sleep!

Come Back Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

Amelia Bedelia is the classic, humorous series about what happens to someone who takes everything too literally.  Peggy Parish's Come Back, Amelia Bedelia (AR 0.5, Level 2.1) takes the unusual plot of displacing Amelia Bedelia from the Rogers' household.  Usually, everyone is understanding and tolerant about Amelia's misunderstandings.  This time, however, Mrs. Rogers has had enough and fires Amelia. 


Since Amelia does have to make a living, she blunders through other jobs as a hair dresser, file clerk, assistant dressmaker, etc.  The reader will laugh uproariously to Amelia's hijinks!


The Amelia Bedelia series is an excellent resource for kids on the autistic spectrum or English language learners.  This series demonstrates what happens to a character who takes everything literally.  Children with autism will learn to be amused to see themselves in the Amelia character.  This series is also an excellent way for children with autism and for English language learners to learn colloquialisms and slang. 

If You Give a Dog a Donut by Laura Numeroff

Book cover of If You Give a Dog a DonutIf You Give a Dog a Donut (AR 0.5, Level 2.1) by Laura Numeroff is one of the continuing titles from the "If You Give a..." series.I love dogs and my kid loves donuts so this is a perfect match!


This series is especially good for the reading readiness skill, narrative awareness. These books start with someone giving an animal an item and by the end of the story, the animal wants the same item again. The clever illustrations are especially appealing for children. These books are also great for vocabulary building because many new words are introduced.

High Interest Easy Read: Martin Bridge in High Gear!

Picture of Book CoverI recently read Martin Bridge in High Gear! by Jessica Scott Kerrin because, oftentimes, I help parents find a book for their boy who can't seem to find something they like to read. 

Picture of the title cover

Here's a series which should appeal to early readers who like realistic settings.  If you have children, who do not like to sit down and whither their time away with a good book, this may be just the book for them, Picture of title coverbecause it is about a high-energy boy, Martin, who is full of action--working on his science project, fixing bikes, going out to clean the beach, or learning to get along with his friends or with his grumpy aunt.  The book is full of Picture of title covernice illustrations by Joseph Kelly, and what's even better is that it is good old-fashioned fun.  This title would be excellent for young readers in 2nd grade or higher.  It's a read-a-like to Beverly Cleary books.