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About the Collection

The collection consists of 700+ boxes of materials donated by Silicon Valley companies to San José Public Library from 1986 to 1993. The archival boxes are now located in the California Room.

Company boxes may include any of the following:

  • Advertising proofs
  • Annual meeting notices
  • Annual and quarterly reports
  • Backgrounders
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Catalogs
  • Company histories
  • Employment information
  • Executive biographies and speeches
  • Financial analyst reports
  • Legal statements and opinions
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases and reprints
  • Photographs
  • Price lists
  • Product literature
  • Prospectuses
  • SEC-required forms
  • Shareholder letters
  • Technical papers and white papers

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3 Com Corporation - Santa Clara, CA


Accentel Corporation
Accurex Corporation - Mountain View, CA
Acer Technologies Corporation ("Multitech" Member MSC Group Taiwan) - San Jose, CA
ACIUS - Cupertino, CA
Activision, Inc. (MediaGenic) - Mountain View, CA
Acuson Corporation - Mountain View, CA
ADAK Laboratories - Sunnyvale, CA
Adaptek, Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Adaptive Computers Technologies - Cupertino, CA
Adaptive Intelligence Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Adept Technology, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Adobe Systems, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA; Mountain View, CA
Advanced Decision Systems - Mountain View, CA
Advanced Logic Systems - Sunnyvale, CA
Advanced Micro Devices - Sunnyvale, CA
Advanced Microtechnology, Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Advantage Production Technology, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Aehr Test Systems - Menlo Park, CA
AG Associates - Sunnyvale, CA
AIDA Corporation (Teradyne's Electric Design Automation) - Santa Clara, CA
Aion Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
Altera Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Altos Computer Systems - San Jose, CA
Alza Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
Amdahl Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Amdek Corporation - San Jose, CA
American Electronics Association - Palo Alto, CA
American Microsystems, Inc.
American MITAC - San Jose, CA
Ames Research Center (NASA) - Moffet Field, CA
Ampex Corporation - Redwood City, CA
Ampro Computers, Incorporated (Ampro Single Board Systems) - Sunnyvale, CA
Analog Design Tools (Valid Logic Systems) - Sunnyvale, CA
Analytica Corporation (Borland International) - Fremont, CA
Anderson-Jacobsen, Inc. (CXR Telecom Corp., 1988) - San Jose, CA
Ando - Sunnyvale, CA
Anicon (Silicon Valley Group, 1987) - San Jose, CA
Ansa Software (Borland, 1987) - Belmont, CA
Anthem Electronics, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Apollo Computer (Hewlett-Packard-1989) - Chelmsford, MA
Apple Computer, Inc. - Cupertino, CA
Applied Biosystems - Foster Systems
Applied Materials - Santa Clara, CA
Applied Process Technology - Santa Clara, CA
Applied Scanning Technology - Milpitas, CA
Applied Signal Technology, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Applied Technology (Litton) - Sunnyvale, CA
Araclean Services (Aratex Services, Inc.; ARA) - Los Angeles, CA
Ardent Computer Corporation (Dana Computer/Stardent, Inc.) - Sunnyvale, CA
ARGO Systems, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
ARIX Corporation (Arete Systems Corp., 1988) - San Jose, CA
ASK Computer Systems, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Aspect Telecommunications - San Jose, CA
Asyst Technologies - Milpitas, CA
ATAC - Mountain View, CA
Atalla Corporation (Tandem Computers, Inc., 1987) - Cupertino, CA
Atari Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Atari, Inc. (Warner Communications; 1984) - Sunnyvale, CA; New York, NY
ATASI Corporation (Western Digital Corporation; 1987) - San Jose, CA
Atmel Corporation - San Jose, CA
Austec, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Austek Microsystems, Ltd. - San Jose, CA
Automated Microelectronics, Ltd.
Automatic Data Processing, Inc. - Clifden, NJ
Automation Technology Products - Campbell, CA
Avantek, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Award Software, Inc. - Los Gatos, CA
Axiom Computers, Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Aydin Corporation - San Jose, CA


Bateman Eichler Hill Richards, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA
Bechtel National, Inc.
Beckman Instruments, Inc. (Smith Kline Beckman) - Fullerton, CA
Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems - San Jose, CA
Benetics Corporation
Biomation - Cupertino, CA
Biosys - Palo Alto, CA
Bondwell Industrial Company - Fremont, CA
Boole & Babbage - Sunnyvale, CA
Borland International - Scotts Valley, CA
BR Communications (TCI International, Inc.) - Sunnyvale, CA
Bridge Communications (3Com) - Mountain View, CA
Britton Lee, Inc. (Sharebase) - Los Gatos, CA
BT Tymnet (Tymnet) - San Jose, CA
Business Computer Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Businessland, Inc. - San Jose, CA
ByVideo, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA


Cadence Design Systems - San Jose, CA
Cadtrak Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
CAE Link Corporation Flight Simulation Division (Singer Company) - Sunnyvale, CA; Binghamton, NY
Caere Corporation - Los Gatos, CA
California Biotechnology, Inc. (Metabolic Technology (subsidiary) See also: Scios, Inc.,1992) - Mountain View, CA
California Devices - Milpitas, CA
California Micro Devices Corporation - Milpitas, CA
California Microwave Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
California Quartz, Inc. - San Jose, CA
California World Trade Commission - San Francisco, CA
Calma Company (GE subsidiary) - Milpitas, CA (later moved to San Diego)
Candela-Reliance Systems - Sunnyvale, CA
Carco Electronics - Menlo Park, CA
Catalyst Equipment Corporation - Campbell, CA; Palo Alto, CA
Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Catalytica Associates - Mountain View, CA
Cellotape - Fremont, CA
Cemax, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Center for Economic Conversion - Mountain View, CA
Centigram Corporation - San Jose, CA
Cermetek Microelectronics, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Cetus Corporation - Emeryville, CA
CHA Industries - Menlo Park, CA
Chang Labs - Cupertino, CA
Chaparral Communications - San Jose, CA
Chinteik International - Carlsbad, CA
Chips and Technologies, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Chiron Corporation - Emeryville, CA
Churchill Club - Palo Alto, CA
Ciba-Geigy - Santa Clara, CA
Circadian, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Circuits Processing Apparatus, Inc. (General Signal) - Fremont, CA
Cirrus Logic - Milpitas, CA
Cisco Systems - Menlo Park, CA
CL9 - Los Gatos, CA
Claris Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Clean Water Taskforce - San Jose, CA
CMC Technology (CMC Datatape, Inc., 1988) - Santa Clara, CA
Cognito Systems Corporation - San Jose, CA
Coherent, Inc. (Coherent Radiation, Inc.) - Palo Alto, CA
Colby Systems, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Collagen Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
Complete PC, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Compression Labs, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Computer Associates International, Inc. - Garden City, NY; San Jose, CA
Computer Curriculum Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
Computer Micro-technology, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Computer Virus Industry Association
ComputerLand Corporation - Hayward, CA
Conner Peripherals - San Jose, CA
Consilium - Mountain View, CA
Control Data Corporation - Minneapolis, MN
Convergent Technologies, Inc. (Unisys) - San Jose, CA
Cooper Biomedical, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA; Menlo Park, CA
Cooper Companies, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA; Menlo Park, CA
Cooper Development Company - Menlo Park, CA
Cooper Laboratories Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Cooper Lasersonics, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Cornerstone Technology - San Jose, CA
Corvus Systems - San Jose, CA
Counterpoint Computers (Acer Technologies)
Covalent Systems Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Creative Think - Menlo Park, CA
Cromenco, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Crosscheck Technologies, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Crosspoint Solutions, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
CTX International (Motorola) - San Mateo, CA
CXI, Inc. (Novell, Inc. subsidiary) - Mountain View, CA; Sunnyvale, CA
Cybeq Systems (Siltec Corporation) - Menlo Park, CA
Cybernex Corporation (Read-Rite Corp., 1986) - San Jose, CA
Cygnet Systems, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation - San Jose, CA


Daisy Cadnetix, Inc. - Mountain View, CA; Sunnyvale, CA
Daisy Systems Corporation - Mountain View, CA; Sunnyvale, CA
Dalmo Victor Operations (Litton Bell Aerospace)
Data Design Associates - Sunnyvale, CA
Data Management Labs - San Jose, CA
Data Products Corporation - Woodland Hills, CA
Data Systems Design - San Jose, CA
Data Technology Corporation (Qume Corporation) - Milpitas, CA; Santa Clara, CA
Datacopy Corporation - Mountain View, CA
Datagate, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Datamac - Sunnyvale, CA
Dataquest, Inc. (A. C. Nielson Company) - Cupertino, CA
Datastream Communications - Santa Clara, CA
Dest Corporation - Milpitas, CA
DH Technology, Inc.
Diasonics Inc. (Toshiba America Medical Systems,late 1989) - Milpitas, CA
Digital Equipment Corporation (Application Center for Technology in Santa Clara announced in 1987) - Maynard, MA; Santa Clara, CA
Digital Pathways, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Dionex Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Direct, Inc. (Dynabyte, 1985 (Closed, 1986)) - Santa Clara, CA
Disctron, Inc. (CCT Subsidiary) - Milpitas, CA
Docugraphics, Inc. - Cupertino, CA
Domain Technology - Milpitas, CA
Drexler Technology Corporation - Mountain View, CA
DSC Nestar Systems (DSC Communications Corp. Subsidiary) - Mountain View, CA
DVK Integrated Services, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Dynabyte Business Computers - Milpitas, CA
Dyson Corporation - Santa Clara, CA


E-H International, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Eagle Computer - Los Gatos, CA
ECAD, Inc. (SDA Systems Corp; Cadence Design) - Santa Clara, CA
Echelon - Los Gatos, CA
EkoLine - Sunnyvale, CA
Electrogas (General Signal Unit) - Santa Clara, CA
Electronic Arts - San Mateo, CA
ELXSI (Trilogy (Merged)) - San Jose, CA
Embedded Performance, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Emulation Technology, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Engineered Systems & Development Corporation ("a NESCO Company") - San Jose, CA
Entrepo - Sunnyvale, CA
Envision - San Jose, CA
Epitaxy, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
EPRI, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
EPRI, Inc. (Electric Power Research Institute) - Palo Alto, CA
EPRO Corporation - San Jose, CA
Equatorial Communications - Mountain View, CA
ESL Incorporated (Subsidiary of TRW) - Sunnyvale, CA
Etak, Inc. - Menlo Park, CA
Everex Systems, Inc. (AGI Computer Inc.) - Fremont, CA
EVOTEK - Fremont, CA
EXAR Corporation (Rolm Company) - San Jose, CA
Executive Peripheral Systems - Palo Alto, CA
Exelan Inc. (Novell) - San Jose, CA


Failure Analysis Associates - Palo Alto, CA
Fairchild Semiconductors - San Jose, CA; Mountain View, CA
Falco Data Products - San Jose, CA
Faraday Electronics, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
FEI Microwave (Formerly TRW Microwave) - Sunnyvale, CA
Fenwick, Davis & West - Palo Alto, CA
FET/TEST - Los Gatos, CA; Morgan Hill
Finnegan Corporation - San Jose, CA
First Image Management Corporation (Zytron, Endata; First Financial Management Corporation) - Menlo Park, CA; Palo Alto, CA
FlexStar Technology (Subsidiary, Core Industries) - San Jose, CA
FMC Corporation - San Jose, CA
Ford Aerospace - Palo Alto, CA
Formaster Corporation - San Jose, CA
Forthright Systems - Sunnyvale, CA
Fortune Systems Corporation - Belmont, CA
Forward Technology, Inc. (Tri-Comp, Digital Computer, Inc., 1985) - Santa Clara, CA
Fujitsu America, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Fujitsu Electronics - San Jose, CA
Fused Silica Technology - Fremont, CA


Gamma Link - Palo Alto, CA
Garnet - Santa Clara, CA
GaSonics, Inc. (Atomel Corporation Division) - Sunnyvale, CA
Gavilan Computer Corporation - Campbell, CA
Gazelle Microcircuits, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Gemini Research, Inc. - Fremont, CA
Genentech, Inc. - South San Francisco, CA
General Signal Corporation - Stamford, CT
General Technology Corporation - San Jose, CA
Genoa Systems Corporation - San Jose, CA
Genus Incorporated - Mountain View, CA
Giltronix, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Gould, Inc. (Design & Test Systems Division) - Cupertino, CA
Gould/AMI Semiconductors (American Microsystems, Inc.) - Santa Clara, CA
Granger Associates (Name Changed DSC Communications Corp. (Closed)) - Santa Clara, CA
Grid Systems Corporation - Fremont, CA
Grubb & Ellis Company - San Jose, CA
GTE Corporation - Stamford, CT; Mountain View, CA
GTE Government Systems Corporation - Stamford, CT; Mountain View, CA


H-Square Corporation (H-Square Company) - Sunnyvale, CA
Hambrecht & Quist - San Francisco, CA; Menlo Park, CA
Hewlett-Packard Company - Palo Alto, CA
High Tech Gays - San Jose, CA
Hunter & Ready, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Hyosung Computer - Sunnyvale, CA
Hytek Microsystems, Inc. - Los Gatos, CA


I.S.E.E., Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
IBM Corporation - San Jose, CA; Armonk, NY
IC Sensors - Milpitas, CA
ICOT Corporation - San Jose, CA
IDEK IZUMI Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Identix Incorporated - Palo Alto, CA
ILC Technology, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
IMAGEN Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
IMAGIC - Los Gatos, CA
Impact Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Indesys Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Industrial Networking, Incorporated - Santa Clara, CA; Pittsburgh, PA
InfoCorp - Cupertino, CA
Informix Corporation - Menlo Park, CA
INMAC Corp. - Santa Clara, CA
Innovus - San Jose, CA
Insignia Solutions, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Intec Incorporated - Santa Clara, CA
Integrated Device Technology, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Intel Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Intellicorp, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
IntelliGenetics, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) San Jose - San Jose, CA
International CMOS Technology, Inc. - San Jose, CA
International Microelectric Products, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Intersil, Inc. (GE Harris Semiconductor) - San Jose, CA
Intertest Corporation (Time Temperature, Inc.) - Fremont, CA
Ion Systems, Inc. - Berkeley, CA
ITT Information Systems Division - San Jose, CA


Jones-Hamilton Co. (Semiconductors Chemicals Division) - Newark, CA


Kaiser Electronics (Kaiser Aerospace & Electronics Corporation) - San Jose, CA
Kevex Corporation - Foster City, CA; San Carlos, CA
Kimtron Corporation - San Jose, CA
Kinetic Systems, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
KLA Instruments Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Koala Technologies Corporation - San Jose, CA
Koll Company (Tandem Computers) - Santa Clara, CA
Komag, Incorporated - Milpitas, CA


Lam Research Corporation - Fremont, CA
Lasersense, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
LiCONiX - Santa Clara, CA
Linear Technology Corporation - Milpitas, CA
LinguaTec - Menlo Park, CA
Link Technologies, Inc. - Fremont, CA
Litton Applied Technology - Sunnyvale, CA
Litton Computer Services - Mountain View, CA
Litton Industries, Inc. (Parent Company to Local Litton Organizations) - Beverly Hills, CA
Litton Systems, Inc. (Electronic Devices Division) - San Carlos, CA
Lockheed Corporation - Burbank, CA
Logic Devices, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Logitech, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Loral Corporation - San Jose, CA
Lower Cleaver, Inc. - Fremont, CA
LSI Logic Corporation - Milpitas, CA


MAD Intelligent Systems - San Jose, CA
Magnuson Computer Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Manning, Selvage and Lee - San Jose, CA
MARC Software International, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Margaux Controls, Inc. - Newark, CA
Market Intelligence Research Corporation - Mountain View, CA
Masstor Systems Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
MAST Immunosystems, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Maximum Strategy, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Maxtor Corporation - San Jose, CA
MDS Qantel, Inc. - Hayward, CA
Measurex Corporation - Cupertino, CA
Medasonics - Mountain View, CA
Megatest Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Meitec America Incorporated - Santa Clara, CA
Memorex Corporation (Burroughs 1981) - Santa Clara, CA
Menlo Ventures (formerly California Northwest Fund, Inc.) - Menlo Park, CA
Mentor Graphics Corporation
MEPPE Group - Beaverton, OR; San Jose, CA
Metaphor Computer Systems - Mountain View, CA
Micro Focus - Palo Alto, CA
Micro Linear Corporation - San Jose, CA
Micro Mask, Inc. (Hoya Corporation Acquired in 1989 ) - Sunnyvale, CA ;Beaverton, OR
Micro Power Systems - Santa Clara, CA
Microbar Systems, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Microform Data Systems, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Microwave Modules & Devices, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Mindset Corporation (Bankruptcy 1985) - Sunnyvale, CA
MIPS Computer Systems, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Mitsubishi Electronics - Sunnyvale, CA
MMR Technologies, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Modutek Corporation - San Jose, CA
Monoclonal Antibodies, Inc. (Merged with Quidel Corporation 1991) - Sunnyvale, CA
Monolithic Memories, Inc. (Merged with Advanced Micro Devices - 1987) - Santa Clara, CA
Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (Closed - Moved to St. Peters, MO; Bought by Heuls A.G. 1989)
Motorola Computer Systems Inc. (Four-Phase Systems Subsidiary) - Cupertino, CA
Mountain Computer, Inc. (Name Changed to Mountain Network Solutions, 1990) - Scotts Valley, CA
Mouse Systems Corporation - Fremont, CA


Nanometrics, Incorporated - Sunnyvale, CA
National Advanced Systems Corporation (Name Changed to Hitachi Data Systems, 1989) - Santa Clara, CA
National Semiconductor Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Navigation Technologies - Sunnyvale, CA
NCA Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
NEC Electronics - Tokyo
Nelson Analytical, Inc. (Name Changed to Perkin-Elmer Nelson Systems, 1989) - Cupertino, CA
Network Computing Devices, Inc. - San Jose, CA; Beaverton, OR; Mountain View, CA
Network Equipment Technologies - Redwood City, CA
Network General Corporation - Menlo Park, CA
Network Innovations (Bought by Apple Computer 1988) - Cupertino, CA
NewEra Software, Inc. - Cupertino, CA
Next, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Northern Telecom, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Novell, Inc. - Mountain View, CA; Provo, UT
Novellus Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
NTI - Mountain View, CA
Nu Tech Engineers (Pacific Nuclear Systems Bought, 1988) - San Jose, CA; Federal Way, WA
Nu Thena Systems (Formerly Athena Systems) - Sunnyvale, CA


OCL Technology Center, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Octel Communications Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Oki Electric Industry, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Olympus Optical Company, Ltd. - San Jose, CA
Omex (Closed - Bought by Hetzer Corporation, 1984) - Santa Clara, CA
Onyx & IMI, Inc. (Closed - Bought by Corvus Systems, Inc., 1985) - San Jose, CA
Optical Specialties, Inc. - Fremont, CA
Opus Systems - Cupertino, CA
Oracle Corporation - Menlo Park, CA; Redwood Shores
Orbit Semiconductor - Sunnyvale, CA
Orchid Technology - Fremont, CA
Orrox Technology - Santa Clara, CA
Oximetrix, Inc. (Acquired by Abbott Laboratories)


Palantir Corporation (Changed Name to Calera Recognition Systems, Inc., 1988) - Santa Clara, CA
Paradigm Technology - San Jose, CA
Pennstock - Sunnyvale, CA
Performance Semiconductor Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Perkin-Elmer Nelson Systems (aka PE Nelson) - Cupertino, CA
Personal CAD Systems, Inc (Bought by CADEM, Inc., 1989) - San Jose, CA
Philips Components Signetics (Formerly Signetics Corp.) - Sunnyvale, CA
Pier Electronics, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Pizzatime Theater, Inc. (Out of business 1984) - Sunnyvale, CA
Plantronics, Inc. - Santa Cruz, CA; San Jose, CA
Plasmon Data Systems - Milpitas, CA
Plexus Software, Inc. (Bought by Recognition Equipment 1989) - San Jose, CA; Dallas, TX
Plus Development Corporation (Subsidiary of Quantum Corp.) - Milpitas, CA
PM Productions
Polycold Systems, Inc. - San Rafael, CA
Polymetrics, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Power Integrations, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Power Ten, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Pragmatic Designs (Bought by Sage Enterprises; NameSAGE/PRAGMATIC Inc., 1989) - Sunnyvale, CA
Precision Monolithics, Inc. (Bought by Analog Devices, 1990) - Santa Clara, CA
Presentation Technologies, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Priam Corporation - San Jose, CA
Pro-Log Corporation - Monterey, CA
Probe Technology Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Prometrix Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Pyramid Technology Corporation - Mountain View, CA


Q Tech - Santa Clara, CA
Quadrex Corporation (Renamed from Nuclear Services Corporation, 1979) - Santa Clara, CA
Qualitative Marketing (Formerly called Graves Marketing) - San Jose, CA
Qualogy, Inc. (Formerly called Data Systems Design, Inc., 1984) - San Jose, CA
Quantex Corporation (Closed 1992) - Sunnyvale, CA
Quantum Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Qubix Graphic Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Quicklogic Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Qume Corporation (A Subsidiary of ITT) - San Jose, CA


RACAL-VADIC (Closed - Local Operations moved to Florida) - Milpitas, CA; Sunnyvale, CA
Radius, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Ramtek Corporation - Santa Clara, CA; San Jose, CA
Rasna Corporation - San Jose, CA
Rasor Associates, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
RasterOps - Santa Clara, CA
Rational - Santa Clara, CA
Raychem - Menlo Park, CA
Raytek, Inc. - Santa Cruz, CA
Raytheon - Lexington, MA; Mountain View, CA
Reasoning Systems, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Redlake Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Reflections Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Regis McKenna, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Reid-Ashman, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Relational Software, Inc. (Name Changed to Oracle Corporation) - Menlo Park, CA
Reliable Communications Inc. - Cupertino, CA
Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Ricoh Systems, Inc.) - San Jose, CA
Ridge Computers (Out of Business 1989) - Santa Clara, CA
RJE Communications - Cupertino, CA
RO Associates - Sunnyvale, CA
ROLM Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Rolm Mil-Spec Company (LORAL/ROLM Mil-Spec Corporation Subsidiary) - San Jose, CA
Rose Hill Systems - Scotts Valley, CA
Ross Systems Software (A Ross Data Company) - Palo Alto, CA
Royal Digital Sceptor Systems, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA


S-MOS Systems, Inc. (A Seiko Epson Venture) - San Jose, CA
S. Levy Incorporated (Levy Systems) - Campbell, CA
Sabre Systems Corp. - Cupertino, CA
Sage Enterprises - Mountain View, CA
Saint Silicon, Inc. ((Jeffrey Armstrong)) - Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Clara Center on Occupational Safety and Health - San Jose, CA
Santa Clara Systems, Inc. (Unit of Novell, Inc.) - San Jose, CA
Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. - Santa Cruz, CA
SaRonix - Palo Alto, CA
Satutar, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Saxby Computer Corporation (Out of Business, 1988) - Sunnyvale, CA
Schlumberger Technologies, Inc. (Schlumberger N.V. ATE Division) - San Jose, CA
SCI Manufacturing - San Jose, CA
Scientific Micro Systems, Inc. (Sold to Chips & Technologies Televideo Systems, Inc.)
Scientific Technologies Incorporated - Hayward, CA
Scios, Inc. (Formerly California Biotechnology, Biotechnology,) - Mountain View, CA
Scitor Corporation - Foster City, CA
SDI USA, Inc. - San Mateo, CA
Seagate Technology, Inc. - Scotts Valley, CA
SEEQ Technology Incorporated - San Jose, CA
Seiko Instruments, U.S.A., Inc. - San Jose, CA
Selectone Corporation - Hayward, CA
Semco Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Semi-Gas Systems, Inc. (Subsidiary of Hercules Incorporated) - San Jose, CA
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International - Mountain View, CA
Semiconductor Industry Association - San Jose, CA
Semiconductor Research Association - Research Triangle; Park, NC
Semiconductor Safety Association - Scottsdale, AZ
Semiconductor Services, Inc. - Redwood City, CA
Semix, Incorporated - Fremont, CA
SenSym (Acquired by Fasco Industries; See also Hawker Siddley) - Sunnyvale, CA
Server Technology Incorporated - Santa Clara, CA
Shared Resources, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Sharedata, Inc.
Sherpa Corporation - San Jose, CA
Shinko Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. - Santa Clara, CA
Shrader Scientific, Inc. - Hayward, CA
Siclone Sales and Engineering Corp. - Milpitas, CA
Siemens Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Sierra Monitor Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Sierra Scientific (Picker International; GEC, London) - Sunnyvale, CA
Sierra Semiconductor - San Jose, CA
Sigma Designs, Inc. - Fremont, CA
Signal Science, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Signatone Corporation - Gilroy, CA
Signetics (Subsidiary of U.S. Philips Corporation) - Sunnyvale, CA
Silicon Compilers Systems Corporation (Bought by Mentor Graphics, 1990) - San Jose, CA
Silicon General, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Silicon Graphics, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Silicon Valley Group, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (Citizens for a Better Environment) - San Jose, CA
Siliconix, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Silma - Cupertino, CA
Siltec Corporation - Menlo Park, CA
Silton-Bookman Systems - Cupertino, CA
Silvar-Lisco - Sunnyvale, CA
Singer Company Link Flight Simulation Division (Bought by CAE Industries - Name Changed to CAELink Corp., 1988) - Sunnyvale, CA
SiScan Systems - Campbell, CA
SM Technology - Fremont, CA
Software Components Group, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Software Entrepreneurs' Forum - Palo Alto, CA
Software Publishing Corporation - Mountain View, CA
Solectron Corporation - San Jose, CA
Solitec, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Sony Corporation - Tokyo
Sorcim Corporation (Bought by Computer Associates International, Inc.) - San Jose, CA
Southbay Circuits, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Southwall Technologies, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
SPARC International - Santa Clara, CA
Spectra Ciode Labs - San Jose, CA
Spectra-Physics, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
SRI International - Menlo Park, CA
Stag Microsystems, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Stanford Research Systems - Sunnyvale, CA
Stanford Telecommunications, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Stanford University Center for Integrated Systems - Stanford, CA
Stardent - Newton, MA; Sunnyvale, CA
Starpath Corporation (Bought by Epyx, Inc., 1983) - Santa Clara, CA
Stratacom, Inc. - Campbell, CA
Strategic Simulations, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Strawberry Tree, Incorporated - Sunnyvale, CA
Sumitronics, Inc. (Sumitoma Subsidiary) - Sunnyvale, CA
Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Sun Moon Star - San Jose, CA
Sungene Technologies Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
Supermac - Sunnyvale, CA
Supertex, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Superwave Technology
Symantec Corporation (Zortech, Inc.) - Cupertino, CA
Synapse Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Synopsis, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
SynOptics Communications, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Syntactics Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Syntelligence, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Syntex Corporation - Palo Alto, CA
SyQuest Technology - Fremont, CA
System Industries, Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Systems Control, Inc. (Member of BP Group of Companies) - Palo Alto, CA
Sytak, Inc. (An Affiliate of General Instrument) - Mountain View, CA
Syva (A Syntex Company) - Palo Alto, CA


Tab Products Co - Palo Alto, CA
Tandem Computers, Incorporated - Cupertino, CA
Tandon Corporation - Chatsworth, CA
Tech Museum of Innovation (Formerly Technology Center of Silicon Valley) - San Jose, CA
Technology for Communications International - Mountain View, CA
TEK/LINK - Mountain View, CA
Teknowledge, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Tektronix, Inc. - Beaverton, OR
Telco Systems - Menlo Park, CA
Telebit - Mountain View, CA
Telecommunications Technology, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Telenova, Inc. - Los Gatos, CA
Telesensory Systems, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Televideo Services, Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Tencor Instruments, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
Teradyne EDA - Santa Clara, CA
The Complete PC, Inc. - San Jose, CA
The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. - Santa Cruz, CA
The Wollongong Group, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Tigera Group, Inc. (Formerly Fortune Systems, Inc) - Belmont, CA
Time and Space Processing, Inc.
Tolerant Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Touch Activated Switch Arrays, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Touch Communications, Incorporated - Campbell, CA
Trace Incorporated - San Jose, CA
TransImage Corporation (Acquired by Everex Systems, Inc., 1988) - Sunnyvale, CA
Tri-Data - Mountain View, CA
Triad Systems Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA Livermore Menlo Park, CA
Tricad (Acquired by Auto-Trol Technology Corp, 1984) - Milpitas, CA
Trigon Industries, Inc. (A Dynatech ) - Milpitas, CA
Trillium LTX (An LTX Company) - Santa Clara, CA
Trilogy Limited (Name Changed to ELXSI, Feb. 1987) - Cupertino, CA
Trimble Navigation - Sunnyvale, CA
TRW Microwave, Inc. (Became FEI Microwave) - Sunnyvale, CA
Turner Hall Publishing (Acquired by Sematech, 1988) - Cupertino, CA
Tymnet - McDonnell Douglas Network Systems Company (Name Changed to BT Tymnet; Acquired by British Communications, 1989) - San Jose, CA; Dearborn, MI


Ultracision, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Ungermann-Bass, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA
Unipath Company - Mountain View, CA
Unisys Corporation (Formerly Known as Convergent) - Blue Bell, PA
United Silicon Structures (US2) (Also European Silicon Structures) - San Jose, CA
United Technologies Corporation (Chemical Systems Division) - San Jose, CA; Hartford, CT
US Semiconductor Services, Inc. - Fremont, CA
UTI Instruments Company - Milpitas, CA


Vadem - San Jose, CA
Valid Logic Systems,. Incorporated - San Jose, CA
Vanguard Semiconductor (A Division of California Micro Devices) - Milpitas, CA
Varian Associates, Inc - Palo Alto, CA
Verbatim Corporation (Formerly Information Terminals) - Sunnyvale, CA
Versatec Company - Santa Clara, CA
Vertex Peripherals, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Verticom, Inc. (Acquired by Western Digital, 1988) - Sunnyvale, CA
Vicom Systems, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Victor Technologies, Inc. (Moved to Pennsylvania 1987) - Scotts Valley, CA
Video Seven, Inc. (Closed Became Headland Technology, In) - Fremont, CA
VisiCorp - San Jose, CA
Vitalink Communication Corporation - Fremont, CA
Vitelic Corporation - San Jose, CA
VLSI Standards, Inc. - Mountain View, CA
VLSI Technology, Inc. - San Jose, CA
VMX, Inc. (Formerly OPCON) - San Jose, CA
Votan - Fremont, CA


Watkins-Johnson Company - Palo Alto, CA
Weitek Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Western Digital Corporation - Irvine, CA
Western Electric
Western Micro Technology, Inc. - Cupertino, CA
Western Microwave Laboratories Inc. - Sunnyvale, CA
Westinghouse Electric Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Wiltron Company - Mountain View, CA
Wollongong Group, Inc. - Palo Alto, CA
Worlds of Wonder - Fremont, CA
Wyse Technology Inc. - San Jose, CA


X/Open Company, Ltd. - Menlo Park, CA
Xebec - San Jose, CA
Xecom, Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Xerox Corporation - Stamford, CT; Palo Alto, CA
Xicor, Inc. - Milpitas, CA
Xidex - Palo Alto, CA
Xilinx, Inc. - San Jose, CA
XTRA Business Systems - San Jose, CA


Yield Engineering Systems - Sunnyvale, CA


Zentec Corporation - Santa Clara, CA
Zhivago Advertising & Public Relations - Menlo Park, CA
Zilog Corporation (An Affiliate of Exxon Bought Out in 1989)
Zitel Corporation - Milpitas, CA
Zynetics (A Unit of General Signal; Purchased UltraGlas, 1983) - Santa Clara, CA
Zytrex Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
Zytron (Merged with Endata, 1991; New Name: First Image Management) - Sunnyvale, CA

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