Making mathematics with needlework

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Making mathematics with needlework : ten papers and ten projects / edited by Sarah-Marie book cover Belcastro, Carolyn Yackel

I’m not a mathematician, but if, like me, you are proficient enough to work out your own designs in knitting, crocheting and other forms of craft, I suspect you may be intuitively working with advanced mathematics.  This novel and practical approach to mathematics contains 10 needlework craft projects (knitting, crochet, embroidery, and quilting) which make interesting reading and fascinating starting points for further exploration.  The editors' intention is that these projects  should be of interest  to mathematicians who don't know anything about crafting and to crafters who don't know anything about mathematics.  If mathematics isn't your thing, you'll find the photographs of these projects beautiful and inspiring.  Here are some examples:


Project list:

Quilted mobius band -- Picking up stitches and Diophantine equaions -- The Sierpinski variations: self-similar crochet -- Ony two knit stitches can create a torus -- Symmetry patterns in cross-stitch -- Socks with Algebraic structure -- Fortunatus's purse -- (K)not cables, braids -- The graph theory of blackwork embroidery -- Stop those (hypperbolic) pants!.