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Get your Kindle books now from the library! Most existing OverDrive eBooks can now be read on all Kindle devices or by using free Kindle apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, and other mobile devices. A few PDF titles may not yet available for Kindle but OverDrive and Amazon are working to reduce this.


To check out Kindle Books, first, visit our Virtual Branch website ( to browse, search, and check out. Click on the Kindle icon on the left to browse the titles. You can also use the Advanced Search option and limit by format, also.


Then, when you decide to check out a Kindle Book, a "Get for Kindle" link will display. You will then sign in to your Amazon account. Then, you will choose which Kindle device or free Kindle app you want to deliver the title to.


Please let us know in the comments what you think about this exciting update!

Posted by Mana Tominaga on Sep 21, 2011 | Comments: 12 |

Comments from our readers...

Outstanding new option

This is the birth of a revolutionary new way for the community to enjoy and benefit from the local library. I just downloaded a travel book to my Kindle Fire, and am most impressed! I saved time and costs by not driving to the library, and will include ebooks as an additional useful option for utilizing my public library system. Thank you SOO MUCH for this!

eBooks available via my Kindle

Thank you - this is good news!

Love this wonderful

Love this wonderful development! (Especially now, since I can't make it to the library anymore...) I can't wait to borrow books on my Kindle. :)


Gee, If you had a nook or the nook app, you could have been reading the overdrive books for most of the past year. Nice that Amazon finally caught up and joined the digital era. For those of you without a kindle, you could have used the nook app from B&N. Too bad you didn't wake up a year ago.

Love Love Love Kindle

Love being able to make a few clicks and start reading!! I don't even have a kindle but have a kindle app so I can read on my ipad or iphone as well. Thank you so much for this fabulous feature!


I am very glad that you are offering this service. This will save lot of time, effort and resources for everyone. Keep up the good work!


Thanks so much for offering free Kindle books through the SJ public library! It is an amazing service, and it is something that I will use often. Please continue to expand your selection of ebooks available for Kindle! Specifically, could you get "Gone with the Wind" and all the books by Jasper Fforde? Thanks!

Kindle offerings

This is really great! I have read some books on Kindle via Overdrive that have literally changed my life. Thank you!


Was holding off on getting a Kindle, but this borrowing option newly added has been the final push. Should be getting mine mid-November! Thanks also for the links to the privacy article; I feel better informed.

"Borrowing" Kindle Books SO EASY!

I'm thrilled that I can now borrow books for my Kindle--as a DOS client, this opens new opportunities to borrow books! Granted, I can only read and check out what I can read as I only have 3 wks but it sure is an EASY process, and I can save my books to a Wish List until I can have time to read them. Bravo!

Privacy Issues.

One caveat: Once you take advantage of this new Kindle/Overdrive service, your library card number and eBook checkout history, and any notes you take in your eBook, will become part of Amazon’s database. There's more on the controversy here:

Nothing to be alarmed about.

Nothing to be alarmed about. Unless you are planning to do something that can comeback and haunt you.

With this day and age, EVERYTHING you purchase online (and sometimes offline), the store will keep a history of your transactions.

Since you own a Kindle, Amazon already has you in their database.

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