Children Summer Reading Celebration - Dream Big, Read!

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Summer Reading Program Celebration 2012!

Children (Ages 0-12)



How to Participate ...


1. Sign up at your local library or online starting June 1


2. Achieve your goal by reading alone or with others. 


3. Only those items read between June 1 and July 31 will be eligible.


4. Read 15 books and celebrate your success by coming to the library to pick up your prize book and certificate starting June 16.


5. Read MORE, Earn MORE - receive exciting prizes when you read.


6. Claim all your prizes at the Summer Reading Celebration desk by August 31






Top 5 Reasons to enroll your child into our Summer Reading Celebration!



Summer Reading Prizes for Kids!! 

  • Read 5 books to receive a dream big painting sheet.
  • Read 10 books to color your own star craft
  • Read 15 books to reach the program's reading goal and receive a prize book and certificate.
  • Mystery Grab Bag prizes are awarded after every 5 books read once program goal is reached.



  4th annual Graphic Novel Contest! 

 Part of the Summer Reading Celebration.





Check our calendar page for other FREE activities to enjoy this summer!

Online book

Do reading online books count?

Yes, they do! Any book you

Yes, they do! Any book you read counts even books you listen to.


Can you send in your book list online to have some progress if not please make one

Hello, The children's

Hello, The children's program works a bit differently from the other program. Once each of your child has registered online, you should see some text in the middle of the page that says "Congratulations! You are now registered for the San Jose Public Library’s Summer Reading Celebration. Please click here to print your reading log. " What you will need to do is click on the word "here" and then a PDF will pop up for you to print out. The PDF is a Reading Log and includes instructions on how the children's program works. Once you have printed out a Reading Log for each child, your children can keep track of the books they read on their respective logs. You and your children can visit any San Jose Public Library branch to pick up prizes, starting when they have read 5 books. Hope you find this helpful!

summer reading program

The link to sign up for the summer reading program online is not working. Please provide a working link.

Hello, I just doubled check

Hello, I just doubled check the link and it seems to be working fine. Just in case, here is the link

the link is still not

the link is still not working... please repost. thanks a lot.

This is last year's (2012)

This is last year's (2012) summer reading program.  Please find the current (2013) program here:

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